Wishing You A Cosmic Thanksgiving

Today is the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. and a time for feasting and gratitude. Here’s my own short list of things – some little and some very big – that make life a pleasure to live:

* The sun shining in my face on late November afternoons
* The silence of a clear, dark night far from the city
* All the composers and musicians who’ve labored to create great and memorable music
* My job as a photojournalist
* The sound of water tinkling in a creek in a remote wood
* People passionate about everything from highway maintenance to whales. Their intense focus illuminates many an unlit corner of the world.
* Walking up and down the Superior Hiking Trail from ridge top to river bottom
* Kettle-cooked barbecue potato chips
* A steady paycheck
* The compact camp stove given to me by my friend Rick. With it I can brew a cup of tea anywhere in 3 minutes.
* The way birch bark hangs in peelings on a tree
* Nature’s continual reworking of matter through evolution without really trying.
* Seeing across the universe by the simple act of stepping outside
* Bacon

Gosh, I could go on and on, but I’ll save the best for last – my wife, my daughters, family and friends. Without their love and support, the universe would be a much smaller place.

I also want to thank you who read this blog for your interest and for posing questions that have stimulated lots of lively discussion this past year. And now you’ve probably heard enough from me. May your own list never end.