Phobos-Grunt Cracks Up Over South Pacific

Approximate reentry point of the Russian Mars probe at 11:45 a.m. CST today.

Time for a collective sigh of relief. The Russian Phobos-Grunt spacecraft crashed down 775 miles west of Wellington Island (just west of Chile) in the South Pacific at 11:45 a.m. CST today according to Russia’s Novosti news service, where you can read the full story. Any surviving fragments are likely chillin’ on the ocean floor.

Perhaps some materials were able to float and may be bobbing around in the waves. Stay tuned to see if anything washes up.

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  1. Nyla Ann Thompson

    Congratulations!!! You are a VERY LUCKY person. To be able to check out the heavens above our heads. I envy anyone with a telescope. That has been on the top of my Christmas list for many, many years. Just think how awsome it must be for those of us dreamers. Keep us posted as you are our link into the unknown.

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