Aurora Active Tonight Oct. 12-13

A low bank of green auroral rays flickers beneath the Big Dipper early Friday morning Oct. 12, 2012. A similar aurora is out tonight Oct. 12. Photo: Bob King

Just got in from walking the dog and noticed a bow of aurora low in the northern sky. Northern lights also simmered quietly last night late in the north. Tonight’s NOAA space weather forecast predicts possible auroras for the northern U.S. particularly tomorrow night through Sunday morning Oct. 14. The activity originates from a high-speed stream of particles released by a solar coronal hole. If your sky is clear to the north, give a look before you snug down for the night.

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  1. brian r

    You may recall my mention, in days past, of associating AM radio static with Northern Lights displays.

    In the middle of the day, right now at 12:50 pm, there is static all over the FM range on a normally fine radio.

    I am curious whether this can be correlated to Aurora activiity at this moment?

    1. astrobob

      Hi Brian,
      Auroral activity has been strong throughout the morning and afternoon, however I doubt it’s causing the static you hear on FM. My stations here in Duluth, Minn. are all clear. During other peak auroras (at night) I’ve never heard FM static on my car radio while driving out to shoot the northern lights. Geomagnetic storms and associated aurora does cause fadeouts (not static) on the shortwave bands. Anyone else have heavy static on FM?

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