Venus Meets Saturn In A Close Conjunction Tomorrow Morning

Face southeast tomorrow and Tuesday mornings about an hour before sunrise to spot Venus paired up closely with the planet Saturn. Venus will appear like a brilliant star. Maps created with Stellarium.

Got your coat, hat and gloves? You’re ready then for tomorrow morning’s close conjunction of Venus and Saturn. The two will be just a half a degree or one full moon diameter apart in the southeastern sky at dawn. Look for fainter Saturn below Venus Monday; on Tuesday they’ll be equally close but switch positions. Though tight as two kernels on a cob, you’ll still be able to separate Venus from Saturn with your naked eye.

40-45 minutes before sunrise, Mercury will pop up in Libra to complete the line up of morning planets. Be sure you have a wide open view of  the southeastern sky to see it, since Mercury will only be about 5 degrees high at the time.

Telescope users have the pleasure of observing both planets in the same field of view. Venus presents a waxing gibbous disk, while Saturn’s rings are tilted open enough to be obvious even at 30x. Be sure to look for a little “star” floating immediately to the east of Saturn. That’s Titan, its brightest and largest moon.

Mercury has recently entered the morning sky as well, visible low in the southeast in morning twilight. Nothing like three planets for the price of one early rising.You may even get to see the space station by the Venus-Saturn. It happens at 6:18 a.m. on Nov. 27 for the Duluth, Minn. region. To check times and a map for your town, log on to Heavens Above.

The weather looks good here, so I plan to set the alarm for my first look at Saturn this season. I hope you’re able to do the same.

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  1. Robert

    Hi Bob – got up early this morning to see the space station around 6:18 walked out and the first thing I noticed was Venus. I turned to the north and saw the space station flying east watched it as long as I could, turned to walk inside and saw a small fireball that lasted at least 5 seconds moving slow. Was outside for 8 min.

  2. aaliyah

    Hi my name is aaliyah im 9 and my mom writes u. Im writing because im scared of the mayan thing. People at school are talking and it scares me please tell me the truth.i really didnt belive it but im asking YOU cause you astromner.

    1. astrobob

      Nothing will happen. It’s all a hoax and not true. One cycle of the Mayan calendar ending has no effect on nature or the world.

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