Tour The Space Station With Suni

We’ve all seen photos and clips of the International Space Station (ISS), but you’ll really get to experience what living there is like when you take the video tour with astronaut Suni Williams. Williams, commander of the Expedition 33 crew that returned to Earth last November after a 4-month stint in space, worked with fellow astronaut Kevin Ford, to create the video days before her departure.

Although 25 minutes long, I got hooked after the first minute and couldn’t stop watching. She gives a great tour and explains everything in easy-to-understand language. You’ll learn about the food, exercise equipement, sleeping quarters and bathroom as you “swim” along with Suni from one node to the next inside the ISS.

This amazing image of astronauts inside the space station’s cupola (right) was captured by one of the Expedition 28 crew members. Brisbane, Australia is the bright patch of lights. You can also see green airglow and stars. Click for large version. Credit: NASA

Wait till you see Earth in the cupola’s windows. Or the exercise bike where you don’t need a seat. No seat? In zero-G, as long as your feet are locked in the toeclips, you can ride a seatless bike without falling on your butt. If you don’t care to watch the video straight through, you can view it in four separate episodes that include additional footage HERE.

Detail of a little painting or sticker on the wall in one of the bathrooms in the International Space Station. Grabbed from the video. Credit: NASA

There are still a few ISS passes in the coming days for U.S. observers. They all happen in morning twilight. If you’d like to find pass times for your town, click HERE and type in your zip code or simply have NASA drop you an e-mail with time and directions. Sign up for the free service at Spot the Station.

The times below are when the ISS will be visible across the Duluth, Minn. region. In a couple weeks, the station will return to the evening sky.

* Monday Jan.28 starting at 7:08 a.m. appearing low in the east-southeast
* Tuesday Jan. 29 at 6:18 a.m. Low pass across the south
* Wednesday Jan. 30 at 5:30 a.m. Brief appearance low in the south-southeast

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    1. astrobob

      Isn’t it great. I found myself laughing at the ease with which she floated around. Up, down, sideways – I would absolutely LOVE to do that.

  1. H.Bob

    Thanks AstroBob, what a great video. I too was hooked after the first minute (and this is even before I read your blog entry about being hooked!). I was trying to find diagrams of the ISS a couple of weeks ago, just to get a sense of how much of it there is “inside” and really could not find anything definitive. This video is definitive, and so fascinating to see all the aspects of daily life, presented in a charming way. It would be amazing to spend time up there, but I am not so sure I would be so brave or calm about re-entry!

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