Sheer beauty of a rising moon

John Pennoyer of Maple Grove, Minn. finds just the right spot at Brighton Beach Monday night Feb. 25,2013 to photograph the full moon rising over Lake Superior. Photo: Bob King

I thought you’d enjoy a couple photos from last night’s moonrise. Here in Duluth, Minn. the hazy air near the horizon made it one of the most colorful I’ve seen. The contrasting blue tints of Lake Superior and its many tiny “ice islands” provided the perfect complement of color and contrast.

The moon a little earlier than the first photo just as it lifted out of the horizon haze. Photo: Bob King

Wide angle view of the moonrise shows the shoreline and gleam path. The moon was higher up in this photo and its color had lightened to yellow. Photo: Bob King

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My name is Bob King and I work at the Duluth News Tribune in Duluth, Minn. as a photographer and photo editor. I'm also an amateur astronomer and have been keen on the sky since age 11. My modest credentials include membership in the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) where I'm a regular contributor, International Meteorite Collectors Assn. and Arrowhead Astronomical Society. I also teach community education astronomy classes at our local planetarium.

20 thoughts on “Sheer beauty of a rising moon

  1. I am reminded of Oct. 6, 1987. My bride of 19 days and I spent the night along Superior. I was looking for a penumbral eclipse. At that time I did not know that a penumbral is barely notable. But the Moon did make a beautiful reflection on the big lake.

  2. I’m so pleased you gave us notice about the spectacular moonrise to look for last night. Your photos are spectacular and appreciated. Thx so much. Even through the trees it was just lovely.

  3. Great photos. Also here this Full Moon show was special. We had a night with special transparency (possibly because of the season), and saw the Moon setting on the sea, going from yellow to orange and pinkish red.

  4. Fantastic moonrise photos Astro Bob, incredibly red! You have the perfect vantage point from that big ol’ lake and it must have looked awesome. Here in the UK cloud, cloud and cloud.

    • H.Bob: nothing but clouds in the north Okanagan (British Columbia) too… :( Here’s hoping things are clearing up somewhat over the next week or two for both us. It is the time of year, for us here anyway, where the clouds /should be/ giving way to clearer skies.

      AstroBob: awesome pics!

  5. Nice work Bob. My local CBC radio station called me this morning for a telephone interview about the full moon this week. Hard to give a decent interview about something that is beautiful, but not really astronomically signifigant. I was surprised to get a call really, and real confused when he told me what the subject was. Thought that there was some particular reasoning behind what’s been going on. I almost felt like I disappointed him, by saying it’s nothing special, and that it happens every months. Ah well…got a chance to plug the comet next month…now that’s something to talk about!!

  6. Hi Bob,
    Saw the photo in the DNT this morning. I think it was in black and white. It looks much better on your blog. Really beautiful.

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