Minor Auroras Possible Tonight March 27-28, 2013

A fine aurora on the morning of March 17 this year from Duluth, Minn. Photo: Bob King

The NOAA space weather forecast puts the chances of a minor storm of northern lights for middle latitudes at 20% tonight. As of 7:30 p.m. Central Time the Kp index, a useful indicator of potential auroral activity, bounced up to “4”, a level below minor storm.

If the index moves into the red – “5” or higher – that would be a hopeful sign.

I’m not saying we’re going to get auroras tonight just that the possibility exists. If they’re minor, not much may be visible anyway because the full moon comes up near the end of twilight. You may want to take a look all the same. Good luck!

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    1. astrobob

      Hi Mike,
      I was in a great place for viewing them but did not see any. Too much moonlight. Also, it appears that while the Kp index remained at 4 for some time, it never jumped up to minor storm.

      1. Heidi

        So, if the moon is full and bright we aren’t going to see much of anything and that we’re better off with cloud coverage. Is this correct?

        1. astrobob

          Well, not better off with clouds, but yes, the moon was very bright last night. Some people saw the aurora even in moonlight from places up in Canada and Finland – further north.

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