You’ll Love This Video Of Lake Superior Northern Lights

Opening screen of Shawn Malone’s “North Country Dreamland” video of auroras over Lake Superior. Click photo to watch. Credit and copyright: Shawn Malone /

Shawn Malone of Marquette, Mich. has created a masterpiece of video. She recently finished a year-long project shooting more than 10,000 pictures of the aurora borealis from 33 separate locations on many cold nights.

An eruption of magenta auroral rays from Malone’s video project. Credit: Shawn Malone

“It took a lot of coffee, a bit of tenacity and persistence to get this into a form of coherent electrified cosmic goodness,” writes Malone. Although I’ve never met Shawn, we’ve exchanged friendly e-mails and her work regularly appears on Spaceweather. I like to think of her covering the aurora from Lake Superior’s south shore while I keep vigil here along the north shore. Naturally, she has an advantage – the whole of Lake Superior is her reflecting pool for those awesome greens and reds captured so beautifully in the video.

A heron walks the beach during a time lapse sequence of the northern lights. Credit: Shawn Malone

Some of my favorite moments in the many time lapses include the heron walking along the beach, a magnificent eruption of deep red rays and the full moon fogbow beneath the aurora in the final sequence. I like that Malone spent time recording both the quieter side of the northern lights – those many low, green arcs – as well as its wild magic. Kudos for the nice soundtrack also.

Eagle Harbor lighthouse and the Milky Way. Credit: Shawn Malone

Click on the photo or go HERE to see the video. It’s in HD (high-definition) and will run slowly on some computers unless you wait a few minutes for it to load. You can also toggle the HD button to off for a real-time view. Either way it’s dynamite.

Be sure to read the comments Shawn included on the same page as the video. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did.

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  1. Lynn

    Hi Bob,
    What an amazing video, the aurora, scenery etc was beautiful, I couldn’t pick a favourite part of the video as every part was stunning and I just got lost watching it and imagined me sitting on the seat at the beach watching it all by myself, and even the music was just perfect for the video. Thanks Bob 🙂

  2. Chloe

    We are planning a trip to Lake Superior in early March 2014 hoping to see the northern lights as the start of a 6 month trip, is this a good time to be going to see them or are we being too optimistic? This video is beautiful by the way! 🙂

    1. astrobob

      Always hard to say but March is generally a good month for activity. Let’s hope it works out for you. Stay tuned to the blog for updates as we approach your vacation date.

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