Aurora alert – minor storm in progress July 14-15

The auroral oval is sagging southward this early morning and becoming visible across the northern U.S. The red curve shows the limit of visibility around 12:30 a.m. Click for current view. Credit: NOAA

Cloudy in northern Minnesota this early morning, but if you’re reading this from the northern U.S. or southern Canada, be alert that a minor aurora storm is in progress as of 12:30 a.m. July 15. Auroras are potentially visible across Maine, upper New York State, northern Michigan, N. Wis., N. Minn., N.D., Montana and N. Washington resulting from a blast of particles from the sun combined with a southward tip in the sun’s magnetic field┬áin the Earth’s vicinity.


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My name is Bob King and I work at the Duluth News Tribune in Duluth, Minn. as a photographer and photo editor. I'm also an amateur astronomer and have been keen on the sky since age 11. My modest credentials include membership in the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) where I'm a regular contributor, International Meteorite Collectors Assn. and Arrowhead Astronomical Society. I also teach community education astronomy classes at our local planetarium.

3 thoughts on “Aurora alert – minor storm in progress July 14-15

    • Daniel,
      Glad to hear Germany got some aurora. I have wondered too. Sometimes they are very useful and accurate. Other times it looks like n. Minnesota is covered in aurora and I see only a very low arc. Another time the oval was positioned far to the north in central Canada, the Kp was 2 (green) and yet we had northern lights here in Duluth. I even called the space weather people to talk about that one and they couldn’t say why. Like much of the aurora-predicting business, best to take with a grain of salt.

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