12 Months In 2 Minutes – Curiosity’s First Year On Mars

View of Curiosity’s travels during its first year on Mars made August 2012 through July 2013. Credit: NASA

Next week on August 6 NASA’s Curiosity Rover will mark its first full year on the surface of Mars after one of the most dramatic touchdowns in the history of planetary exploration. In advance of the anniversary, NASA has released a movie made with the rover’s front hazard avoidance camera compressing 12 months of travels, scooping and drilling into 2 minutes.

View of the hilly rim of Gale Crater taken by Curiosity’s navigation camera on Aug. 1. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

In case you’re wondering, there are 548 images in all and they were made with a fisheye camera lens. I particularly enjoy watching the shadows shift around the rover as the sun travels across the sky. We’ll take a closer look Curiosity’s finds during it first year on Mars early next week.

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  1. Edward M. Boll

    Beautiful crystal, clear, calm morning. Jupiter and the Moon, a meteor from the north. Then I saw something bright move across the sky from east to west. My guess, the Space Shuttle. Then before I left, I saw Mars just above the Horizon. No binoculars or telescope with me, I saw the sky as the ancients did, except for the shuttle. I looked to the north, I did not see any Northern Lights this morning.

    1. astrobob

      “Saw the sky as the ancients did”. I like that. I joined you in spirit – saw Jupiter, Mars and even Mercury before I finally went to bed (for the second time).

    1. Bob Crozier

      Hey Edward,
      Another small correction: I’m guessing that was the Space Station rather than a shuttle. I don’t think the shuttles are flying anymore. But I knew what you meant.

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