Venus and the moon – they’re at it again tonight

Venus (upper left) and the crescent moon last night Oct. 7 from downtown Duluth, Minn. Credit: Bob King

Happen to catch the moon and Venus last night? They’re out again tonight in the western sky just after sunset and even closer together. I managed a quick view and photo before work assignments. All the time I had, but it was enough.

We talked about these close moon-Venus pairings called conjunctions yesterday. Last night the two were further apart and nearly parallel to the horizon. Tonight they’ll be closer.

Watch for the moon to line up with Venus this evening Oct. 8. This map shows the sky facing southwest about 20-30 minutes after sunset. Stellarium

I’ve also included the star Antares in the diagram. It’s a bright red supergiant star in the constellation Scorpius the scorpion. Antares shines at first magnitude, bright by stellar standards but much dimmer than the moon or Venus. Depending on the clarity of your sky, you might just glimpse it in mid-late twilight without optical aid. To guarantee a view, take along a pair of binoculars.

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