Catch ATV-4 aka ‘Albert Einstein’ before it crashes in the ocean

Albert Einstein undocks from the space station on Oct. 28

Very happy to report that Heavens-Above has posted viewing times for the European space cargo ship ATV-4 (Automated Transfer Vehicle 4), christened Einstein after the great 20th century scientist. The vehicle delivered supplies to the International Space Station last June and departed on Oct. 28 carrying a load of trash. The whole works will burn up over an uninhabited part of the Pacific Ocean on Nov. 2, leaving us only 3 nights at most to spot it.

While no passes are visible for my home town of Duluth, Minn., you might see if from where you live. Click over to Heavens-Above, log in and select your city to catch the ship before its demise. While Nov. 2 is the planned de-orbit date, it might take longer, so keep an eye. I’ll post an update once ‘Einstein’ is no more.

6 thoughts on “Catch ATV-4 aka ‘Albert Einstein’ before it crashes in the ocean

  1. I looked at our 30 day forecast. I know that things can change. But I do not like what I saw, cloudy from the 23rd through the 30th.

  2. wanted to mention that if u set ur user level to “astronomer” on the calsky website, it will give u (difficult to view) passes of satellites that places like heavensabove and the NASA ISS sightings pages won’t give u. Useless when it comes to ATV-4 (RIP) but often quite useful, and it gives more detailed info for the passes that are shown on other sites. for example on thursday it indicated a low ATV-4 pass which heavensabove did not mention. FYI, readers.

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