Venus and the old lunar crescent meet at dawn tomorrow

The view facing southeast Tuesday morning Jan. 28 about 45 minutes before sunrise. Stellarium

Tomorrow morning between 45 minutes and an hour before sunrise, take a look to the southeast to see fresh-faced Venus alongside the old crescent moon.  If you have 8-10x binoculars, you’ll make a delightful discovery – Venus has nearly the same phase as that of the lunar crescent.

Venus is about two weeks out of conjunction and gradually filling out in phase, while the moon dwindles toward new phase, when it’s so thin it can’t be seen at all. Both lie west of the sun and in nearly the same line of sight – that’s why they appear as thin crescents with the sun just touching their eastern rims.

Clear skies!

4 thoughts on “Venus and the old lunar crescent meet at dawn tomorrow

  1. I saw this through my eastern bedroom window this morning. Almost ethereal. Seemed too cold to get out with a telescope. Thanks for the reminder.

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