Norwegian Skydiver Has Close Shave With Falling Meteorite – And Gets Video!

Complete video/story of the possible meteorite that flew by Norwegian skydiver Anders Helstrup. You’ll see the meteor in real time at 1:54 and in slo-mo at 4:25.

Thought you’d like to see this remarkable video of what may be the first-ever recording of a meteorite tumbling through the sky right in front of a human being! Norwegian skydiver Anders Helstrup didn’t even know he’d recorded it with the two cameras fixed to the back and front of his helmet during the dive made back in 2012, but upon later review, he discovered a fast-moving, apple-sized rock flying through the footage.

While you’ve no doubt seen pictures and videos of meteors streaking through the atmosphere, no one has ever recorded the next-to-impossible “dark flight” phase of a meteorite. Somewhere between 9 and 12 miles (15-20 km) high, most incoming meteoroids slow down, cool and cease to make the air glow. From here, they continue to drop until reaching speeds of 200-400 mph before striking the Earth. While that sounds fast,consider that a typical meteoroid first enters the atmosphere between 25,000 and 160,000 mph!

A frame from the video showing the possible meteorite tumbling rapidly by within feet of Anders Helstrup. Had he jumped a second or two earlier he would most likely have been killed by the speeding stone. Credit: NRK

While it’s certainly not beyond the realm of possibility to capture a falling, non-luminous meteor on camera, the odds are extremely remote. That’s why many think the story and video are either a monumental April Fools’ joke or a deliberate hoax. Hard to blame them with all the goofy stuff spun as truth on the Web.

However, the staff at Universe Today got in touch with Norwegian physicist Pal Brekke. He confirmed that the story was true and kept secret for two years so Helstrup and a small band of scientists and meteorite hunters could track the meteorite down. Using the videos, they calculated a trajectory and possible landing locations. Unfortunately, the fall area is wooded and braided by streams. Lots of places for a meteorite to hide from curious eyes.

After two years of hunting and coming up short, the video was released in hopes of recruiting more people to the effort. Skeptics would argue instead that scientists fell for a good story and are wasting their time looking.

Frame grab from the video showing geology professor describing the possible meteorite. The fractured side faces to the left. The pale gray color could be a clean break to the lighter interior of the stone or covered with a thin coating of secondary fusion crust. Credit: NRK

In the video (above) by Norwegian broadcaster NRK, geologist Hans Amundsen had no doubt it was a meteorite based on appearance alone. The stone has one flat side, likely due to fracturing seconds earlier in its flight, and the other half is rounded from heating and melting due to air friction. A fracture also implies there might be more than one fragment out there.

Morton Bilet, Norwegian meteorite expert, organized a search near Rena in eastern Norway where the object fell. Bilet is “100% certain” the video is not a fake, but whether it’s a space rock or something else, neither he nor anyone else knows for sure. Hopefully more searches are planned for this spring. For more information, photos and graphics check out the Norwegian Meteorite Society and NRK

Frame grab from a security camera video of the largest piece (circled) of last year’s Russian fireball falling into Chebarkul Lake. Click for a video, and be sure to also see the video below.

UPDATE April 4: While not photographed by a human being, I’d almost forgotten about the security camera video of the final moments of dark flight of the largest hunk of the Chelyabinsk meteorite crashing into the ice on Chebarkul Lake recorded last Feb. 15.
Video of clips of the Russian meteorite fall Feb. 15, 2013. Go to 10:30 to see a quick view of the meteorite falling into the lake.

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