Enthusiastic Astronaut Reid Wiseman Loves To Tweet!

Astronaut Reid Wiseman (foreground) tweets a selfie with fellow crew members Alexander Gerst (left) and Maxim Suraev in the cupola aboard the space station this morning June 2, 2014. Credit: NASA

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman, who arrived on the International Space Station last week, is already making a name for himself and his unabashed enthusiasm for everything outer space through nonstop posts on his Twitter feed.

Astronauts tweet regularly but Wiseman sounds like a little kid with a passion both disarming and infectious. As if he’s seeing the planet Saturn through a telescope for the first time … again and again.

“I can’t stop looking out the window!” tweeted Reid Wiseman as looked back at the Soyuz that delivered him to the space station. Credit: NASA

“I can’t stop looking outside!” That was one of his first tweets when he arrived last Wednesday and looked back at the Russian Soyuz craft that delivered him and two additional crew members to the ISS.

Great perspective on a floating die with Earth as backdrop. Credit: NASA

Or how about his playful take on a die he let float in front of planet Earth: “A simple toy from my childhood makes for a cool picture in space,” tweeted Reid on June 1. There’s an innocence to his impressions that’s refreshing.

Reid Wiseman proves Earth is round. View through the space station’s cupola. Credit: NASA

Wiseman also has quite the sense of humor as in the photo he tweeted of a spherical Earth with the caption: “It took a 12mm lens to confirm – Earth is round” or his comment about finishing his first run on the station’s treadmill on May 31: “First run done – heels were tingling, food bouncing in stomach. Yuck!”

Reid Wiseman may be smiling for the camera but we know his stomach was gurgling. Credit: NASA

Wiseman, who is currently serving as flight engineer on ISS Expedition 41, hails from Baltimore, Maryland. He has a Master of Science degree in systems engineering from Johns Hopkins University and worked as a Navy test pilot. He completed astronaut training in May 2011.

“Hard to capture pink clouds at sunset. Love them on Earth, not as pretty here,” writes Wiseman today June 2 from orbit. Credit: NASA

Share Reid’s adventures aboard the ISS and see additional photos on his Twitter feed. I’ve got a feeling there are lots more laughs and revelations ahead.

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  1. Troy

    The floating die with the Earth in the background makes me think of the game Risk. Especially since it is clear red, which is the usual color of the defender.

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