Boom! Boom! Boom! A Solar Flare Triple Crown

Three X-class flares erupted in sunspot group 2087 over a 24-hour period on June 10-11, 2014. A portion of the coronal mass ejections from the eruptions may brush the Earth in the next few days. Credit: NASA

Move over California Chrome.  After delivering three X-class flares in two days, sunspot group 2087 wins the triple crown for solar eruptions. And the fun’s not over yet.

The large, complex sunspot region 2087, pictured today June 12 at 8:30 a.m CDT, kicked off three powerful X-class flares on June 10 and 11. More flares are expected from the group in the coming days as it turns toward the Earth. Credit: NASA

Between it and two other spotted regions (2080, 2085) there’s a 60% chance for moderate M-class flares and 30% chance for more X-flares through Saturday. Plus, it turns out that part of the blast from 2087’s double-X flare is whooshing its way toward Earth right now.

Look at all the sunspots! Skywatchers with safe solar filters have a bounty of observing opportunities this week. Catch the big groups 2080 and 2085 (far right) before they rotate over to the sun’s other side. Credit: NASA

Most of the solar plasma blasted sideways off the sun after the eruptions but not all. NOAA space weather forecasters now predict a 20-25% chance of minor auroral storming overnight tonight through Saturday. With each day that passes, region 2087 inches closes to the center of the sun, where it will face Earth more directly, improving the outlook for auroras in the wake of new flares.

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  1. Greg Hilliard

    I’m wondering – what would you think about setting up a text message blast list that would inform the rest of us Duluthians when there are aurora visible outside? I’ve got an app for my phone that’s supposed to inform me when conditions are right, but I must be the unluckiest guy ever, because I always end up seeing the really good shows for the first time in the News Tribune the following day.

    Really enjoy your blog postings. Nice to see a news outlet value something other than blood, violence, political controversy.

    1. astrobob

      Hi Greg,
      I would like to do something like that but not sure how it could be done. I do post every blog to Twitter under astrobob_bk
      Would that work for you?

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