Quiet Aurora Tonight Aug. 27-28

A lquiet auroral arc topped by a faint pink band glowed softly in the northern sky tonight at 10:30 p.m.. The bright star at right is Capella in the constellation Auriga. Credit: Bob King

After Wednesday morning’s fine display, the current wave of magnetic activity is subsiding but not without leaving a tasty leftover. A low, quiet arc has hovered over the northern horizon all evening. Maybe it will take off again as the aurora did this morning, but the forecast indicates a gradual decline in activity overnight.

Map showing the extent of the auroral oval early this Thursday morning August 28. The arc in the photo above is the edge of the large, permanent oval of aurora centered on Earth’s geomagnetic pole. In this map, which is based on satellite data, you can see that the edge of the oval lies right at Minnesota’s northern border. Click to see the current oval. Credit: NOAA

If you live in in the northern U.S. away from city lights and enjoy the subtle side of nature, you’ll find tonight’s aurora suitable for contemplation.