August 21 Total Solar Eclipse Compilation And Guide

This isn’t so much a blog as a compilation you can refer to when needed. I’ve included all the eclipse topics I’ve written on below. Click to go to those that interest you. More are in the works.

What Will the Weather Be Like On Eclipse Day?

Total Eclipse Rewind — July 28, 1851, The First Photo

How to Photograph the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse

What Will the August 21 Total Eclipse Look Like from Space?

See What the August Eclipse Will Look Like … From Anywhere

How Dark Will It Get During the August Total Eclipse

Be Safe, Get the Right Filter to View the Solar Eclipse

Fly Along with the Eclipse Shadow in this Groovy New Video

Sneak Preview of the Sun’s Corona / Best Eclipse Apps

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Two Weeks Till the Sun’s Turn

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  1. RC

    Bob, Can you offer any advice on clouds? Any good website that shows current cloud cover? One that will predict cloud cover? Can cloud cover be predicted? How accurately, and how far in advance?


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