Venus Returns In The Company Of The Slender Moon

The moon will sweeten the scene and offer a helping hand in finding Venus tomorrow morning, Nov. 6. Start looking low in the east for the moon about 45-50 minutes before sunrise. Stellarium

Venus is back! To see it, all you need is a good view of the eastern horizon. Tomorrow morning, we’re in for a double-crescent treat because the the exceedingly thin lunar crescent (just one day before new) shines just 6° or three fingers above the eastern horizon. Venus will also be a wire-thin crescent about 5° to the right of the moon and 5° above the horizon 40 minutes before sunrise.

Any pair of binoculars will show the Venusian crescent because the planet is close to ours and appears much larger than usual. And don’t forget to look at the moon with the same glass — you should be able to see most of it lit faintly by light reflected from Earth called earthlight. Virgo’s brightest star, Spica, will also be close to Venus but might be lost in the dawn glow unless you use binoculars. Clear skies!