7 Nights With The Moon — An Easy Guide

The scene this evening facing west from twilight till about 10 o’clock local time. Both Mars and Aldebaran in Taurus are about the same hue, but the star is more than half a magnitude brighter. Stellarium

In honor of this being the 50 year anniversary of Apollo 11, when people first walked on the moon, I thought it would be fun to get to know our satellite better. So I prepared a 7-night guide featuring one or two features visible with the naked eye or binoculars. Every one of them is easy to see. Descriptions alongside each map distinguish between naked-eye visibility (italic type) and binoculars (regular type). Tonight’s a good time to kick off our tour because the crescent is high enough for easy viewing in the western sky. The moon also happens to form a sweet equilateral triangle with the Pleiades star cluster and planet Mars. And another triangle with Aldebaran and Mars.

Moon at 3.5 days old. This map and others created with Patrick Chevalley and Christian Legrand’s Virtual Moon Atlas
Moon at 4.5 days old
Moon at 5.5 days.
Moon at 6.5 days
Moon at 7.5 days.
Moon at 8.5 days.
Moon at 9.5 days.