Beautiful Venus Meets The Moon’s Sly Smile

Starlink satellites from the April 22nd launch pass over Duluth, Minn. on April 25 at dusk. Click here for a how-to on seeing the satellites where you live. Details: ISO 8000, 35mm lens at f/2.8, 0.3 second exposure. Bob King

Fortunately, the sky was clear last night. Where I live we saw a wonderful pass of the most recent Starlink satellite launch. They looked positively eerie all bunched up in a short, twinkling line in the southern sky. Like a magic wand from the Harry Potter movies. Minutes before, the crescent moon occulted the star Ain (Epsilon Tauri) in Taurus. The star disappeared in a quick “gulp” right on time. I hope you were able to see either or both events.

The 4-day-old crescent moon will shine just 7° to the left of Venus tonight, April 26th. Three bright “winter” stars surround the pair. Stellarium

There’s more to come! Tonight the crescent moon will visit Venus as it moves eastward in its orbit and climbs higher above the western horizon each night. The sight of the two brightest night-sky objects side by side is always worth a look. I wish you clear skies and a beautiful evening under the heavens.

What a sight last night! The orange giant star Epsilon Tauri (upper left) — just a tiny point of light — hovers along the moon’s earth-lit edge moments before it’s occulted. Below it you can see two mountain peaks just catching the sunlight. Details: iPhone held over the eyepiece of a 10-inch telescope. Bob King

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  1. Edward M Boll

    Cloudy tonight. I can barely see the Moon. Have you seen Y4 lately? The magnitude of it in the past 2 weeks seems to be unchanged. Unfortunately it keeps getting closer to the Sun, so more difficult to see.

  2. BCstargazer

    Hi Bob
    I noticed that the air is very clear after sunset..maybe I’m not very objective but it could be related to reduced human activity stirring pollutants and dust up into the atmosphere…
    We best enjoy it before the wildfires season kicks in


    1. astrobob

      I agree, BC about enjoying it before the wildfire season which has plagued summer skywatching many years in a row now. I am not able to tell here if the lack of car and factory pollution makes a difference but I bet it’s significant in some places.

      1. Thanks for your great articles!
        See those trees in my photos of Venus and the Moon? That’s where tonight’s Starlink is going by. But I’ll try for it 🙂

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