Catalina Jager Nov24_FEA

Comet Catalina Comes Up All Tails / Full Frost Moon / Aldebaran Cover-up

It’s been an exciting week with the return of Comet Catalina to the morning sky. I got my first frozen fingers of the winter season standing along the shore of Lake Superior adjusting camera settings trying to get a photo of the comet. As I write this, the cold is forgotten. What remains is the memory of…
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Algol model bigger

Demon Star Has Its Eye On You Tonight

Better look over your shoulder. Algol, the Demon Star, will be giving you a clever wink tonight. What’s it up to, you wonder? This evening (Nov. 24th) across North American time zones, the star will perform one its famous fades and recoveries. Algol’s an eclipsing binary star 93 light years from Earth in the constellation of…
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Pluto Day 6.4daysFEA

6.4 Days In The Life Of Pluto

Gotta get that project turned in by Friday? No worries. You’ve got plenty of time — on Pluto anyway. One day on the dwarf planet is 6.4 Earth days long. With only a thin atmosphere between you and the chill vacuum of space, the sun would appear as a point of light 1,000 times dimmer than we see…
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Catalina Jose Chambo Oct1_2015S_FEA

Here Comes Comet Catalina – A Viewing Guide

A new comet graces the morning sky! New for northern observers anyway. After parading around this summer for skywatchers down under, Comet Catalina passed perihelion (closest approach to the sun) on Nov. 15th and emerged into the glow of dawn for observers in both hemispheres. I tried to see it this morning but was outdone by a…
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converted PNM file

Contemplating Titan’s Smelly Belly Button

I can’t help it. Titan’s monster cloud looks like a belly button, an outie to be exact. What perfect streamlined form. This wonderful feature, detected by scientists using photos from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft during its periodic close flybys of the Saturnian moon, resides in Titan’s low- to mid-stratosphere in a stable region above the troposphere, the moon’s active…
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