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Animals Of The Northern Sky

We had a big wind and rain come through my town recently. It blew down a lot of trees, creating new holes in what used to be the forest canopy. Where I once saw leaves and branches, I look up now and see stars. During twilight last night I looked up through one of those…
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Imbrium basin impact moon LPI_Leanne_WoolleyDavid_A_Kring_SFEA

Moon’s Black Eye Recalls A Realm Of ‘Lost Giants’

Looking through a telescope, the moon’s countless craters are the first thing that catches the viewer’s attention. Created by meteoric impacts, the bowl-shaped blasts attest to a much earlier and incredibly violent bombardment of the moon’s surface by millions of meteorites and small asteroids. Meanwhile the large, dark “eyes” of the Man in the Moon…
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Another look at the stronger of the two flares but in a different wavelenght of ultraviolet light shows an interesting double-loop structure. Credit: NASA

Departing Sunspot Group Delivers Biggest Flare Of Year

Side-by-side sunspot groups 2565 and 2567 erupted twice with powerful flares overnight. The first occurred at 9:11 p.m. (Central Daylight) yesterday evening and the second at 12:15 a.m. this morning. Both were M-class or moderate intensity, but the second, rated at M7.6,  verged on strong and proved to be the most powerful flare yet of…
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Credit: Bob King

Experience The Spinning Earth, Watch A Sunrise

We can’t directly sense the spinning Earth but every sunrise and sunset, we get an inkling. The Earth rotates once every 24 hours but it does so soundlessly because everything — our friends, our homes, the ground, the atmosphere and us — are all moving at the same speed in the near-vacuum of space. Imagine taking an airplane…
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Credit: NASA/SDO

Big Sunspot Group Heats Up

(Update: The aurora’s active tonight. Not a big storm, but if you live in the northern U.S. and the sky’s clear, head out for a look. A G1 storm (Kp=5) is underway with arcs and faint rays low in the northern sky. The activity, spawned by a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun earlier…
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