4th of July fireworks at Duluth, Minnesota's Bayfront Park. Credit: Bob King

Aurora Alert July 4-5 – Sun Sends Sparks Earth’s Way

Expecting a little fireworks this 4th of July? When you’re done with tonight’s Independence blast, be sure to look north on the way home. NOAA space weather forecasters are predicting a G1 geomagnetic storm overnight. This one looks like it will start late – around midnight – and last through tomorrow morning. Dribs and drabs may…
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67P jetsComet_activity_21_June_FEATURE

Rosetta Spies Shiny Ice And Giant Sinkholes On Comet 67P

What elegant beauty! Just look at those fountains of dust. Ever wonder where they come from? We’ve known for some time that comets are made of mostly ice, but it’s not like the pure crystal goodness that comes out of your refrigerator. Comet ice is dark and gross like the knobby black gunk lining your wheel wells in…
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Venus Jupiter June 30 over lake_Feature

Jupiter And Venus Amaze / Tonight’s Full Buck Moon Fights Fire Haze

With all the forest fire haze swirling around the region I thought the Venus-Jupiter conjunction would be a bust. Thankfully these two celestial lights still managed to amaze through the haze. We were fortunate to see them last night at their closest. What a pretty sight they made — topaz and diamond on pale blue. They’ll…
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Leap second clock NASA

10 Fun Ways To Spend Today’s Leap Second

Feeling short on time? Well, Earth’s got a little gift for you — one extra second to fatten up your day. We add a leap day every four years because it takes Earth 365 1/4 days to make one orbit around the Sun. After four years, those quarters add up to a full day which…
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Venus Jupiter JBrimacombe June27FEATURE

Venus And Jupiter Embrace In Sunset Sky Show

Look up! The brightest and best planet pairing of the year is underway in the western sky at dusk. Venus and Jupiter have been near one another for months; they’ll finally squeeze closest together tomorrow night (June 30). But you needn’t wait till then. Tonight, the dynamic duo will be just over 1/2° apart, the width of…
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