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Wassup With Comets Hergenrother, L4 PanSTARRS And S1 ISON

With Comet 168P/ Hergenrother still bright and perfectly placed high in the southeast at nightfall, I wanted to share an updated map for amateur astronomers with 6-inch and larger telescopes who’d like to track the comet. At around magnitude 9.5, it’s still the brightest fuzzball in the fall sky. For the next couple weeks, 168P…
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Hergenrother Jaeger Oct 3_2012FEA

Hergenrother: Mouthful Of A Comet Worth The Bother

The title is my desperate attempt to find a rhyme for this comet’s wonderful name. While I may not have succeeded, that doesn’t change Hergenrother’s status as the coolest comet in amateur telescopes right now. With the moon out of the sky, the next few weeks are ideal for those with 6-inch and larger scopes…
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