Supermoon Thrills Skywatchers Last Night

I tried. I really tried to see if the perigee supermoon looked bigger to my eye last night but honestly I couldn’t tell. Without a side by side comparison with a normal-distance full moon  I could only imagine it looked larger. But did it dampen my enthusiasm? Heck no. Gazing at that orange disk in…
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Aristarchus ApolloFEATURE

Aristarchus Helps Us See The Wild And Woolly Moon Of Long Ago

With the moon turning full tomorrow, let’s take a look at one of its brightest craters, Aristarchus (Aris-TAR-kess). Although only 25 miles in diameter, it’s bright enough to see with the naked eye and positively dazzling in a telescope. The name suits its appearance perfectly. Aristarchus was the Greek philosopher who first proposed the concept of…
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Take The Plunge Into That Burnin’ Ring Of Fire

Yesterday on a walk in Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve near my home, a flock of migrating nighthawks blew by headed south. I identified them right away by their white wing patches. Birds on the move, cool mornings lavish with dew. I like these hints of fall. Through the telescope last night, the nearly 12-day-old moon…
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