Last quarter moon Oct. 22, 2016. Credit: Bob King

Moon At Last Quarter, Aurora On Deck

Beautiful blue sky morning. I walked the dog, noted the light coating of frost on the lawn and looked up to see a crisp last quarter moon riding over the poplar tops. Only a few yellow-brown leaves wagged way up there, but the contrasts of sky, moon and autumnal color made for a refreshing way…
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Corona aurora May 6, 2016. Credit: Bob King

Aurora Predicted Tonight But Will We See It?

A potentially bright aurora is in the forecast this evening (Oct. 13). The sun shot a CME or coronal mass ejection almost directly toward the Earth in the early morning hours of Oct. 9. After a journey of 93 million miles, the busy cloud of electrons and protons is expected to arrive this afternoon and rile our…
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Credit: Bob King

Aurora Surprise Tonight / Venus-Moon A Sweet Sight

A low arc glowed along the northern horizon earlier tonight, hinting at a possible auroral display. After nodding off (yes, I do get a little sleep now and then), I stepped outside at 11:15 to discover dancing rays and pulsing “flames” above the treetops. It’s still happening now, so open the door, allow your eyes five…
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September 28, 2016 aurora. Credit: Bob King

Mercury Joins Forces With The Aurora

Late last night I could see the start of our three-day affair with the aurora as a glow behind a low bank of clouds. Early this morning, soft flames of the stuff flickered in the belly of the northern sky as dawn swelled in the east. Yesterday’s cheery forecast for G2 geomagnetic storms still holds for both…
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ESA Medialab

Aurora Watch: A Mighty Wind Comes Our Way

Call it a gale of subatomic proportions. Once again, a gaping hole in the sun’s corona has unleashed a wind of electrons and protons bundled with magnetic energy toward the Earth. The blast touched off a minor geomagnetic storm earlier this morning with spillover expected tonight. After a lull, storming is expected to resume tomorrow morning (Sept.…
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