Aurora Nov8_2015 AFEA

More Aurora? Enough Already!

I’ve been tempted to blog about the northern lights the past two nights. This morning I caved. The past two nights we’ve had weak displays here in Duluth, Minn. Too little to move the needle mostly because they’ve been low and faint. But I find that the more northern lights I see, the more I…
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On the morning of Nov. 6, a thicker crescent passed abut 3° south of Jupiter. Click on the image for a larger version where you can see three of Jupiter's moon. Credit: Jonathan McElvery

Cool Conjunctions And More Auroras

Venus and the crescent moon met at dawn in the eastern sky this morning. I hope you saw this fine conjunction. Some, like Gary Froelich of New Mexico, got a free upgrade when the International Space Station (ISS) passed directly across the face of the moon! Auroras reached as far south as southern Minnesota and…
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Orion Belt tracked treeFEA

10 O’clock Hail Orion! / Aurora Alert Tonight

With Daylight Saving Time swept away by the winds of November, there’s a change in the sky. All the constellations have shifted westward by one hour. Sagittarius, better known as the Teapot, now slips away during the dinner hour.  On the brighter side, Orion the Hunter bedazzles in the east as early as 10 o’clock.…
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Part of a long, low arc of northern lights in the northern sky tonight around 10:45 p.m. CST. Credit: Bob King

Aurora Simmers Tonight, More Expected Tuesday Nov. 3

The aurora’s out there alright. Just not storming to the level predicted. I saw it along the bottom of the northern sky when I took the dog for a walk tonight. A symmetrical arc stands about 10° high right now flickering with occasional short, faint rays. No telling if activity will heat up further, remain…
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Aurora May3_4 2014FEA

Stormy Auroras May Open November

Welcome to the “dark month”. Severed from Daylight Saving Time, the sun sets for many of us before 5 o’clock today. Back to driving home from work in a tunnel of night. On the up side, night begins so early, it’s easy for anyone to step out and enjoy the stars without having to stay up…
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