C_2012 K5 panelFEA

Comet C/2012 K5 Sprouts Tails Of Wonder To Brighten The Night

Comets are changeable by nature. When far from the sun, they’re frozen, inert bodies that look like points of light in large telescopes. No warm, fuzzy outside, no tail.  But once a comet’s orbit takes it “downtown” to the inner solar system, heat from the sun vaporizes dust-laced ices to form a hazy atmosphere around…
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Meteor FireBall Break-up September 21. 1994

Bundle Up For Tonight’s Quadrantid Meteor Shower; K5 Comet Update

Yes Bobby, there is life after the Geminids. Last month’s meteor shower was arguably the best of 2012, but more are on the way. We start the year with a shower that originates from one of astronomy’s extinct constellation, Quadrans Muralis. Although defunct, the group of dim stars was around long enough in the late…
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C 2012K5201212 v2 Jaeger

C/2012 K5 – An Evening Comet Worth Chasing

Sure I love the moon. Last night’s walk with the dog wouldn’t have been nearly as romantic without it. But tonight the moon won’t rise for an hour after twilight ends. That means the return of dark skies and the Milky Way. It’s also a perfect time to follow what has now become 2012’s brightest…
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