Planets Oct25_2015_FEA

Venus And Jupiter Bring It On / Aurora Forecast Tonight

The waxing gibbous moon dominates the evening sky, but with luck we may see the aurora tonight. On October 22 the Sun cut loose with a CME or coronal mass ejection that’s expected to side-swipe the planet. A minor G1 storm is expected to start this afternoon and continue overnight. Because of the moonlight, the…
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A coronal mass ejection burst from the sun in the direction of Earth in the early morning of Sept. 18, 2015 that's expected to arrive later this weekend. This photo was taken by the orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory which uses a disk to block the sun (white circle) so it can photograph the solar corona and other activity. Credit: NASA/ESA

Aurora Alert Tonight And Tomorrow Night Sept. 19-20

(UPDATED Sept. 20) A combination of coronal holes, minor CMEs (coronal mass ejections) and a good helping of solar wind shook up Earth’s magnetic environment tonight and will again Sunday night. Minor G1 storm conditions were forecast (Kp=5) for both nights, but in this wee hours this morning (Sept. 20), conditions quickly went from minor to major storm — G1…
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Aurora Aug 14 2013 quiet arc_TR_CROP

Aurora Watch Tonight August 23-24

A different sort of light show visited my corner of the world overnight. Thunderstorms crashed about as rain fell heavily, but 60 miles above the cloud tops, the aurora erupted around 3 in the morning. Those lucky enough to have clear skies along the northern tier of states and Alaska got a great show. Storm…
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Red and green all over! Credit: Bob King

Aurora Alert – Solar Storms Headed Our Way Tonight June 22-23

Chances are even better tonight for seeing the northern lights. A large coronal mass ejection left the Sun yesterday June 21 headed directly for Earth. En route. it will sweep up several smaller clouds of solar particles from earlier blasts and bring it all home starting this afternoon and continuing through the night. NOAA spaceweather…
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Sun Soho feature

Solstice Aurora Coming? / Celestial Triple Treat / Wet Comet

Bam! Sunspot region 2371 let loose a hefty M3-class flare Thursday afternoon that propelled a ballooning cloud of high speed particles into space. Good news. Some of it’s headed for Earth, and we’re likely to get a taste of it on the first night of summer. NOAA space weather forecasters are calling for a G1 (minor) geomagnetic…
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