Delicious Comet Lemmon-cluster Pairing; Moon Greets 7 Sisters At Dawn

It’s a beautiful thing when two completely different celestial objects pair up. Seen side by side, we can appreciate the unique qualities of each by contrast with the other. Two fine examples stand out this week. Comet Lemmon, which has been chugging across the sky for months, pulled up alongside the rich star cluster NGC…
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Lemmon tail disconnect Peach May 15_2013_FEA

Lizard Lemmon Comet Loses Tail, Grows A New One

Solar winds snapped off Comet Lemmon’s ponytail this week and sent it reeling into space. Not to worry. Comets possess the remarkable ability, shared by many species of lizards, to grow new ones. A lizard loses its tail to distract and escape a predator; a comet because its charged atoms – called ions – interact with…
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Panstarrs April 30 JaegerS

Sweeten Your May Mornings With Comet Lemmon

Looks like Comet PANSTARRS has company.This week Comet Lemmon begins nudging its way into the early dawn sky. Watch it to slowly climb up the eastern side of the Great Square of Pegasus in the coming weeks. Both comets are now below the naked eye limit and glow around 7th magnitude. From a dark sky…
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S Cross Comet LemmonFea

Lemmon Of A Comet Slices Through The Southern Cross

I apologize. I discovered the joy of puns around the age of 13 and have been making family and friends groan ever since. The title refers to Comet C/2012 F6 Lemmon, which has turned out to be anything but. Lemmon was discovered in March 2012 by A.R. Gibbs during the Mount Lemmon Survey based in…
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