Venus SOHO C2 LASCO June 4_FEA

Venus — Going, Going, Gone!

Don’t look now — and I really mean that — but Venus is about to be occulted by the sun. Today the brightest planet sits invisibly one sun-diameter to the west of the sun. No one would even attempt to see an object that close to our daytime star lest they wish to flirt with disaster.…
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This map shows the sky facing south tomorrow morning (March 15) with Mars very close to the star Beta Scorpii. Map: Bob King, source: Stellarium

Mars Gets Tight With A Bright Double Star / ExoMars / Possible Auroras March 14,15

Mars is always on the move, so it’s inevitable it would run into something beautiful. Tomorrow and Wednesday mornings it slides very close to the gorgeous double star, Beta Scorpii, also known as Graffias, in the constellation Scorpius. Although the planet rises around 1:30 in the morning, you’ll see it best straight up south around 5:30…
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Moon 1 day crescent Jan 31, 2014 B FEA

See A Delicate, Young Moon Tonight

Watch for a very young crescent at dusk in the southwestern sky this evening. New moon occurred yesterday at 7:31 p.m. CST, making tonight’s moon just 21 hours old as seen from the Central time zone or 20 hours old (Eastern), 22 hours (Mountain) and 23 hours (Pacific). European and African skywatchers, where the moon will be…
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Venus and Saturn trade places as they pass one another in conjunction this weekend. Closest approach will be Saturday morning for skywatchers in the Americas. Source: Stellarium

Venus And Saturn Alright, Alright, Alright

I like to think of Matthew McConaughey, who played Cooper in Interstellar, watching Saturday’s super-close conjunction between Venus and Saturn. Two worlds as different as Miller (a water world) and Mann (an ice world), he and the crew visited in the movie. Saturn — cold, distant, enormous and Venus —  hot, nearby and small. Both have at least one thing…
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Saturn Venus Jan 9FEA

Venus And Saturn On ‘Collision-course’ Conjunction

If you’ve been up at dawn this past week, you may have noticed a new planet in the morning sky. Saturn, King of the Rings, has returned! You can spot it about 60 to 75 minutes  before sunrise low in the southeastern sky a few degrees from brilliant Venus in Scorpius the Scorpion. You’ll also notice fiery…
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