Moon Sideswipes Aldebaran In A Spectacular Occultation Tonight

Late tonight and early tomorrow morning, the waning gibbous moon will occult Aldebaran, the bloodshot eye of Taurus the Bull. This wonderfully orange-red giant star is the brightest in the constellation and 14th brightest in the night sky. An occultation occurs when the moon, moving eastward in its orbit around the Earth, slides over and…
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Mercury Jupiter conj Oct11 wide_FEA

See A Double-Planet Huddle At Dawn

Mercury’s been hanging out at dawn the past couple weeks. But you knew that. You may have even set your alarm for a look at the shy planet. In case you haven’t, Jupiter will sweeten the pot on Tuesday morning (Oct. 11). The biggest planet, which has been hiding in the glare of the sun since September,…
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Exquisite Venus-Jupiter Conjunction This Weekend

I wrote about this in an earlier blog, but I just wanted to give you a reminder about Saturday’s very close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter low in the western sky shortly after sundown. Tonight, the duo will be about 1° apart, on Saturday just 0.1° (⅕ of the moon’s diameter) and on Sunday they’ll…
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Venus Jupiter Aug27 FEA_v2

A Week Of Exceptional Planetary Conjunctions

After a quiet weekend sky-wise, we’ve got a busy week ahead. On Tuesday night, Mars and Saturn will line up with Antares in Scorpius followed on Saturday by the closest conjunction of two naked-eye planets for the year. On Saturday evening, August 27, Venus and Jupiter will approach within a hair’s breadth of each other as viewed…
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Credit: Bob King

‘Challenge’ Photos And A Jupiter-Moon Conjunction

Did you have any luck with last night’s challenge of finding the crescent moon and all five bright planets? I decided to take the challenge too. There were a few surprises. First, the both the thin lunar crescent and Venus were higher and easier to see than I expected. And once the sky darkened a…
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