In this artist's rendering of GJ 1132b, a rocky exoplanet very similar to Earth in size and mass, circles a red dwarf star. GJ 1132b is relatively cool (about 450 degrees F) and could potentially host an atmosphere. At a distance of only 39 light-years, it will be a prime target for additional study with Hubble and future observatories like the Giant Magellan Telescope. Credit: Dana Berry

Nearby Earth-sized Planet GJ1132b Hot But Oh-so-cool

Of the nearly 2,000 confirmed exoplanets, Earth-sized worlds are few and far between. That’s because they’re either too small to cause a detectable drop in brightness when one passes in front of its host sun or lacks the mass required to measurably tug on the star and make it wobble. Astronomers use highly sensitive light-measuring devices to catch those…
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Epic Earth Oct20FEA

New NASA Site Features Daily Full-Color Photos Of The Rotating Earth

NASA launched a new website this week you’re gonna love. It features 10 or more new color pictures of the planet Earth taken every day from a million miles away by the EPIC camera on board the DSCOVR Observatory.   At that distance, we see one entire face of our beautiful blue planet. At the site, you…
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Fall color Sept30_2012_Sawmill Dome_FEA

Falling For Fall And Other Seasonal Deceits

The first trees are fired up in reds and oranges, and the tomato vines have withered to brown. I like that the sun sets so much earlier and rises fashionably late. Darkness has nibbled more than 4 hours from the day since the first day of summer, and it won’t stop noshing till the winter…
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Full Moon July 2009_S_FEATURE

Tonight’s Fiery Full Moon Will Tug At Your Heart

Gosh, the moon was orange last night. The fire haze has returned, this time from the western U.S. Events happening far away can sometimes have great impact close to home. Tonight’s the Full Sturgeon Moon, named by the native peoples of the Great Lakes region for the best time of year to catch the primitive-looking…
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A single frame from DSCOVR shows the striking contrast between the bright blue and white Earth and dark moon. Credits: NASA/NOAA

Cosmic Stunner — NASA Camera Shows Moon Crossing Face Of Earth

I could look at this a long, long time. What an epic view! This stunning animation was made using photos taken by the EPIC camera aboard NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) as the moon moved in front of the sunlit side of Earth last month. DSCOVR, parked in a stable zone called the L1 Lagrange point,…
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