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Sinister Images Of Awe And Terror

Some photos inspire both awe and terror. The two emotions ride back to back when it comes to our experience of nature. For your Halloween pleasure, I wanted to share these several images, one of an aurora over Iceland, and the other a fleeting eclipse of the “black moon” across the face of the sun and…
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1999 total solar eclipse visible from France. During totality, the moon completely covers the sun, so it's safe to look up and take in the sun's spectacular corona and red, flame-like prominence around its limb. Credit: Luc Viatour

Watch Tuesday’s Total Solar Eclipse LIVE On Your Laptop

Used to be you had to BE THERE to see a total solar eclipse, a rare event for any particular location. Not anymore. Now you just fire up the laptop or tap a phone and watch it live from your couch. Of course it’s not the same as making the journey, but the chances of…
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Algol model bigger

Demon Star Has Its Eye On You Tonight

Better look over your shoulder. Algol, the Demon Star, will be giving you a clever wink tonight. What’s it up to, you wonder? This evening (Nov. 24th) across North American time zones, the star will perform one its famous fades and recoveries. Algol’s an eclipsing binary star 93 light years from Earth in the constellation of…
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Worried about clouds rolling in during tonight's total lunar eclipse? Me too. Using the resources below, you might just find a sucker hole. Credit: Bob King

Cloudy Or Clear? Forecasting Tonight’s Total Lunar Eclipse

Are you in the same boat I am? Tonight’s forecast calls for mostly cloudy during most of the total lunar eclipse and then clearing after midnight. Now that’s just cruel. But who knows? Maybe with the right tools, we just might find a clear spot. While planning to see a big astronomical event like an eclipse,…
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The last total lunar eclipse visible across the U.S. occurred on April 15 this year. Sunday's eclipse will be the final of four lunar eclipses spaced about 6 months apart called a tetrad. Credit: Bob King

Here’s The Scoop On Sunday’s Supermoon Eclipse

A wonderful event will take place this Sunday, September 27-28. That night skywatchers across the Americas, Europe and Africa will witness a total eclipse of the moon. And here’s the thing. Two things really. Well, OK, three things. First – it happens during convenient evening viewing hours. Second, it’s the Harvest Moon and third, it’s the…
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