M65 SN2013am W Wiethoff March28

New Supernova In M65 Plays Game Of Hide-and-seek

Hundreds of supernovas are discovered every year, most in dim galaxies with names like UGC 10610 or NGC 2554. It takes a good star chart and a determined amateur astronomer to find these little buggers concealed in their galactic hideouts. That’s why when news comes of a supernova in a Messier galaxy, we get excited.…
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Mercury messenger globe gray

Return Of The “Pink” Planet

Don’t look now, but there’s a new planet creeping up from the western horizon. Mercury makes a special guest appearance at dusk for the next week or so. Tonight the moon can help you find this elusive planet. What makes it a hard catch? Well, it never strays far from the sun, appropriate behavior given…
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