Worried about clouds rolling in during tonight's total lunar eclipse? Me too. Using the resources below, you might just find a sucker hole. Credit: Bob King

Cloudy Or Clear? Forecasting Tonight’s Total Lunar Eclipse

Are you in the same boat I am? Tonight’s forecast calls for mostly cloudy during most of the total lunar eclipse and then clearing after midnight. Now that’s just cruel. But who knows? Maybe with the right tools, we just might find a clear spot. While planning to see a big astronomical event like an eclipse,…
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Mayan forecast

7 Fun Things To Do While Waiting For The World To End

First, brew a cup of tea or coffee, sit back at the computer and spend a few minutes at the 2012hoax.org website for edification and entertainment. The site’s creators have tried to address every cooked-up doomsday scenario out there. Second, why not use the time to finish wrapping those Christmas presents? I usually wait till…
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