Christmas moon Dec 25 with full moonFEA

A Full Moon In Your Christmas Stocking

There’s something bright and shiny under the Christmas tree this year — hey, it’s a full moon!  Does anybody even remember the last time we had a full moon on Christmas? It was back in 1977 when Star Wars first opened. What a fun coincidence that the new movie would appear the next time this…
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Full Moon July 2009_S_FEATURE

Tonight’s Fiery Full Moon Will Tug At Your Heart

Gosh, the moon was orange last night. The fire haze has returned, this time from the western U.S. Events happening far away can sometimes have great impact close to home. Tonight’s the Full Sturgeon Moon, named by the native peoples of the Great Lakes region for the best time of year to catch the primitive-looking…
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Venus Jupiter June 30 over lake_Feature

Jupiter And Venus Amaze / Tonight’s Full Buck Moon Fights Fire Haze

With all the forest fire haze swirling around the region I thought the Venus-Jupiter conjunction would be a bust. Thankfully these two celestial lights still managed to amaze through the haze. We were fortunate to see them last night at their closest. What a pretty sight they made — topaz and diamond on pale blue. They’ll…
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Pollen grains from a variety of different common plants including sunflower, morning glory, prairie hollyhock and evening primrose magnified 500x and colorized.  The green, bean-shaped grain at lower left is 0.05 mm across. Credit: Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility

Gesundheit! June’s Full Moon Could Be A Real Sneezer

If the moon looked full to you last night, it was … almost. The Full Strawberry Moon happens smack in the middle of the day for North American observers at precisely 11:19 a.m. CDT, making last night’s and tonight’s moons nearly equally full. Yes, TWO full moon nights. Interesting sights often occur around full moon.…
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Full Worm Moon Wriggles Up, Shows Its Head Tonight

With 14 below on the thermometer this morning I don’t think Full Worm Moon quite fits as a description for tonight’s full moon. How about the Sap Moon, named for the time when sap begins to run again in maple trees? No, a little too early for that. These traditional Native American moon names obviously…
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