On the morning of Nov. 6, a thicker crescent passed abut 3° south of Jupiter. Click on the image for a larger version where you can see three of Jupiter's moon. Credit: Jonathan McElvery

Cool Conjunctions And More Auroras

Venus and the crescent moon met at dawn in the eastern sky this morning. I hope you saw this fine conjunction. Some, like Gary Froelich of New Mexico, got a free upgrade when the International Space Station (ISS) passed directly across the face of the moon! Auroras reached as far south as southern Minnesota and…
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Dawn planet Oct31 Joseph Brimacombe AustraliaFEA

Planetary Perambulations, Moon Brighten Dark November Morns

If you haven’t had your fill yet of dawn’s planetary perambulations, a smile of a crescent moon joins the fray for back-to-back conjunctions with Jupiter and Venus this week. On Friday morning, the moon slides 2° south of Jupiter; 24 hours later, it passes even closer to Venus, just 1.1° or two moon diameters. That’s…
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LST Fall leaves Oct9_2015 B_FEA

Falling Leaves, Free-falling Space Station

What’s that big, bright, moving light in the sky at dusk? Chances are it’s the International Space Station (ISS). The world’s largest and brightest satellite returns for easy viewing during early evening hours this month. The ISS snuck up on me several evenings ago while I was out photographing the northern lights. Great to see it back beaming…
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Astronaut Terry Virts inserted an effervescent antacid tablet into a ball of water while crewmates filmed the reaction with the Red Epic Dragon camera.
Credit: NASA

Space Station Adds Human Touch To August Evening Skies

Six astronauts — a mix of Russians, Americans and Japanese — are currently orbiting the Earth 15-16 times a day at an altitude around 250 miles in the International Space Station (ISS). Every time I see its bright light travel complete its west to east arc across the sky I think of all the people…
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ISS Aurora feature

Space Station Goes Bzzzzzzt Like A June Bug

Every June, those big, brown June bug beetles slam into our screened windows we leave open to let in the cool night air. Bzzzzzzt … brzzzzzzzzt … bam! I love ’em. Love their blind persistence. During the day, they hide in the trees, but at night they’re out and about and strongly attracted to light. June…
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