Juno first in orbit pic

Juno’s Sweet View Of Jupiter From Orbit

No way on Earth you could ever see Jupiter off to one side the way Juno sees the planets. That’s what makes this first photo of Jupiter and several of its brightest moons so intriguing. The Great Red Spot is just gorgeous. Since Juno can swing completely around the planet, we get to see it from a…
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Firefly CROP King

Green ‘Stars’ And Bowed Moon At Dusk

Firefly nights are upon us. The soft-bodied, bioluminescent beetles flash at dusk about the same time as the first stars appear. Fireflies add a rare color to the starry heavens — green. You’ll see red stars, orange, pale yellow, a flash of blue and zillions of whites but never a green one. There’s a good reason…
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Juno polar orbit Jupiter radiationFEA

Juno Arrives At Jupiter Rarin’ To Go

After a 5-year-long marathon, NASA’s Juno orbiter fired its main engine and entered orbit around Jupiter at 10:53 p.m. CDT Monday night.  For a space probe to be captured by a planet’s gravity, it must first slow down otherwise it’ll fly right past the target. Juno’s engine spit fire in the silence of space for 35…
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Jupiter aurora Hubble FEA

Hubble Makes Movies Of Jupiter’s Giant Auroras

Hubble Space Telescope time-lapse of auroras photographed in ultraviolet light over Jupiter’s north polar region on May 19, 2016. The “hot spot” at right is caused by material from Io accelerated toward Jupiter by electric and magnetic fields. Credit: NASA, ESA, J. Nichols It’s been pretty quiet here at mid-latitudes the past month as far as auroras go.…
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Juno Jupiter June 21_FEA

Juno Dives To Jupiter’s Doorstep

Jupiter may be sinking in the west from here on Earth, but it’s looming larger than ever in the eyes in NASA’s Juno spacecraft. The probe has a July 4 appointment with the giant planet when it will pass just 2,900 miles about the planet’s cloud tops. Once settled into orbit it will study Jupiter’s…
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