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Jupiter Can’t Hide Its Smelly Tornadoes

Thanks to the fiery brilliance of Mars, that planet along with nearby Saturn catch the eyes of millions of skywatchers every clear evening. For many of us, Mars is low enough in the sky that we don’t even have to lift our heads to see it. Face south at nightfall and there it is! Not…
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This artist's rendering shows NASA's Juno spacecraft making one of its close passes over Jupiter. Unlike other long-distance space probes, which use the decay of plutonium to produce heat and electricity far from the sun, Juno's equipped with three solar array wings that will both stabilize the craft and provide power.
Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Juno Falls Into Jupiter’s Embrace

Call it a gravitational trifecta. Since its launch in August 2011, three forces have tugged at NASA’s Juno spacecraft — the sun, Earth and Jupiter — as it speeds half a billion miles across the solar system to the largest planet, Jupiter. Sometimes Earth was the gravitational master as in October 2013, when the probe flew by our…
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A poster of artistic interpretations of about 500 of the 1,978 known exoplanets or planets that orbit stars other than our sun. Credit: Martin Vargic

1,284 New Planets To Ponder / Moon Meets Jupiter

One planet can be enough. Make that two. One planet to stand on and one to look at. You might find yourself looking at Jupiter tomorrow night (May 14) when the waxing half moon stops by for a visit. The conjunction of these two bright sky objects in Leo will be the night’s naked eye…
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Mars Saturn Antares April 29_2016_S_FEA

Get Re-acquainted With The Night

Clouds, commitments and a bad cold have kept the stars and I apart for weeks.  Last night’s clear sky finally brought us back together. I can be a miner when it comes to the night, drilling for nebulae, galaxies and comets with my telescope for hours, extracting one glittering gem after another. Other times, I prefer to tilt my…
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Frog spring peeper Zach Welty Wiki

Frogs, Lunar Leaps And Cycles Of Change

I was startled to heard the frogs calling again last night. It’s been so cold the past week many of us who live along Lake Superior have been mentally thrust back into winter. But the chorus of peepers along with a dose of soothing moonlight returned me to April where I belong. Maybe you’re experiencing…
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