Expect The Unexpected When You Step Under The Stars

Fog can be magic. Like last night when the last quarter moon rose through the trees wearing a crown of foggy beams. The sight lasted only a few minutes until the moon rose higher and the mist moved on. There are so many unexpected sights possible when you spend an hour or two under the…
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Don’t Let Comets PANSTARRS And Lemmon Out Of Your Sight … Yet

What the heck have comets L4 PANSTARRS and Lemmon been up to anyway?  Well, they’re still visible in 50mm binoculars and small telescopes. You can see them both sans moonlight in the morning sky after moonset. PANSTARRS first shows at nightfall not far from the North Star Polaris, one reason why it’s easy to find.…
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Aurora good rays May 6, 2013S_FEA

Morning Aurora Topped Off By Avian Cheer

I got up for the stars but stayed for the birds. Clear skies overnight allowed for a look at a surprise aurora display, comets PANSTARRS and Lemmon, a handful of spectacular Eta Aquarid meteors and an attractive lunar crescent early this morning. No auroras were predicted and true-to-forecast all looked quite at least through midnight.…
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Comet Lemmon’s Back Plus Earth May Get Peppered With Comet ISON Dust

As Comet PANSTARRS gallops off into the sunset of deep space, we anticipate the arrival of another fine binocular comet – C/2012 F6 Lemmon. Some of you might recall this comet from earlier in the year, when it reached naked eye brightness for sky watchers in the southern hemisphere and grew a long, ribbon-like tail.…
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Panstarrs Roger Groom Feb28FEA

Pretty, Pretty PANSTARRS And Much, Much More

Comet L4 PANSTARRS looks better and better with each passing night as these two photos attest. The latest birghtness estimate made a day ago puts the comet at magnitude 2.6 or only a little fainter than the stars of the Big Dipper. Yuri Beletsky, who shot the image below from the Atacama Desert in Chile,…
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