Leonid meteors seen from 39,000 feet aboard an aircraft during the 1999 Leonids Multi-Instrument Aircraft Campaign. Credit: NASA/ISAS/Shinsuke Abe and Hajime Yano

Bright Moon Will Ding Leonid Meteor Shower

The moon giveth, and the moon taketh away. The very thing that will make us go gaga this weekend — a close, bright supermoon — will also take a bite out of the Leonid meteor shower. Leonids appear to fly out of the constellation of Leo the Lion, hence their name. The shower occurs every…
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In this very wide view of the sky that spans from east to west, we see the full moon just coming in the east as Mercury drops into the southwest. Source:   Sterllarium

Please Give A Warm Welcome To Mercury And Jupiter

Merry Christmas, seasons greetings and all good things to you today! I hope you’re spending time with family and friends opening gifts or sharing a great meal. If the sky should clear tonight, you already know about watching for the full moon, but I’ve got some more good news today: after a long hiatus, not one…
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Lively Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Tomorrow, Tuesday

Watch out for flammable comet dust the next few nights. ‘Tis the season of the Leonids. This annual meteor shower, which originates from dust dribbled by comet 55P/Temple-Tuttle, peaks tomorrow and Tuesday mornings November 17-18. Every 33 years, when the comet swings into the inner solar system, Leonid numbers swell into the hundreds if not…
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Guess Who’s Up Before Midnight? By Jove, It’s Jupiter!

If the sky’s seemed devoid of evening planets of late, you’re right. Mars still hangs on in Sagittarius, but it’s so low and sets so early, few notice. Most telescopic observers have long since abandoned the planet. With an apparent diameter of three-one-thousandth’s that of the Moon, it’s just too tiny to eke out any…
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Wolf 359 sun comparisonSFEA

Dwarf Star Wolf 359 Endures After Fictional Borg Battle

The Borg were probably the most frightening and evil of all the alien races in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Outside of their collective group, nothing mattered. It was just kill, kill, kill and assimilate. If you were captured, the Borg hooked you into the network, sucked every thought from your brain and used the…
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