Dunes Mars Nov27 Wow_FEA

Mars Rover Sees The Most Amazing Dark Dunes

This week Mars Curiosity made history by becoming the first rover to wheel across active sand dunes. Rovers have rolled up and over drifted sand and sand ripples but never an active dune field. Curiosity encountered the strikingly dark “Bagnold Dunes” on its way up the northwestern flank of Mount Sharp. an 18,000-foot-high (5.5 km) peak at the…
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Dawn planet Oct31 Joseph Brimacombe AustraliaFEA

Planetary Perambulations, Moon Brighten Dark November Morns

If you haven’t had your fill yet of dawn’s planetary perambulations, a smile of a crescent moon joins the fray for back-to-back conjunctions with Jupiter and Venus this week. On Friday morning, the moon slides 2° south of Jupiter; 24 hours later, it passes even closer to Venus, just 1.1° or two moon diameters. That’s…
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Venus Jupiter conjunction Oct25_2015 B_S_FEA

See Venus And Jupiter In Daylight Today

Opening the curtains at 7 a.m. today, even my wife, who pays little attention to the ways of the planets, noticed the spectacle. Venus and Jupiter shine brilliantly on their own, but see them side to side, well, that’s an entirely different experience. I took a few photos and looked at each through the telescope —…
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Planets Oct25_2015_FEA

Venus And Jupiter Bring It On / Aurora Forecast Tonight

The waxing gibbous moon dominates the evening sky, but with luck we may see the aurora tonight. On October 22 the Sun cut loose with a CME or coronal mass ejection that’s expected to side-swipe the planet. A minor G1 storm is expected to start this afternoon and continue overnight. Because of the moonlight, the…
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Fall Color 2015 NASA LSuperior_FEA

Fall Color From Outer Space

Fall color came on strong earlier this month, and NASA’s Earth-observing Terra and Aqua satellites captured it from 438 miles (705 km) up. These photos were taken last Sunday and Monday, October 11-12 over the Great Lakes and eastern United States and Canada. I thought the Minnesota region blazed with orange and red until seeing northern Wisconsin and…
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