Sandy selfie curiosity marsFEA

Curiosity Snaps Sandy Selfie By The Sharp Side

Time to break out the sandboard and ride down a dune! A recent selfie beamed back by the Mars Curiosity rover shows it snug against the spectacular “Namib Dune,” where the rover’s activities included scuffing into the dune with a wheel and scooping samples of sand for laboratory analysis. Namib Dune is located along the flank of…
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5 planets l_r Saturn Mars JupiterFEA

5-Planets-In-A-Row Only Gets Better

I can finally come up for air! Thanks for your patience. Let’s get right into it. Have you been out to look at the morning planets and moon? I’m still getting a lot of questions about whether they’re still out there. Indeed they are! I finally got a chance to check out all the excitement…
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View facing south tomorrow Saturday morning Jan. 23 as seen from Minneapolis, Minn. and other locations in the northern half of the U.S. All the planets lie along the ecliptic, the plane of Earth's orbit. Stellarium

See All Five Planets Line Up At Dawn!

To listen to the TV news you’d think the well-publicized planetary lineup is pretty much over. The good news is that this visual treat has just begun. Jupiter, Venus and Mars have been trolling the morning sky for months. A few weeks ago, they were joined by Saturn, emerging low in the southeastern sky at…
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Dunes Mars Nov27 Wow_FEA

Mars Rover Sees The Most Amazing Dark Dunes

This week Mars Curiosity made history by becoming the first rover to wheel across active sand dunes. Rovers have rolled up and over drifted sand and sand ripples but never an active dune field. Curiosity encountered the strikingly dark “Bagnold Dunes” on its way up the northwestern flank of Mount Sharp. an 18,000-foot-high (5.5 km) peak at the…
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Dawn planet Oct31 Joseph Brimacombe AustraliaFEA

Planetary Perambulations, Moon Brighten Dark November Morns

If you haven’t had your fill yet of dawn’s planetary perambulations, a smile of a crescent moon joins the fray for back-to-back conjunctions with Jupiter and Venus this week. On Friday morning, the moon slides 2° south of Jupiter; 24 hours later, it passes even closer to Venus, just 1.1° or two moon diameters. That’s…
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