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5-Planets-In-A-Row Only Gets Better

I can finally come up for air! Thanks for your patience. Let’s get right into it. Have you been out to look at the morning planets and moon? I’m still getting a lot of questions about whether they’re still out there. Indeed they are! I finally got a chance to check out all the excitement…
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View facing south tomorrow Saturday morning Jan. 23 as seen from Minneapolis, Minn. and other locations in the northern half of the U.S. All the planets lie along the ecliptic, the plane of Earth's orbit. Stellarium

See All Five Planets Line Up At Dawn!

To listen to the TV news you’d think the well-publicized planetary lineup is pretty much over. The good news is that this visual treat has just begun. Jupiter, Venus and Mars have been trolling the morning sky for months. A few weeks ago, they were joined by Saturn, emerging low in the southeastern sky at…
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The apparent motion of the sun around the sky is really a reflection of Earth’s yearly cycle around the sun. The seesaw-like up-and-down movement of the sun from season to season is caused by Earth’s titled axis and our planet’s changing orientation to the sun during the year. Credit: Thomas G. Andrews / NOAA

Perihelion Paradox? Closer Sun, Colder Days

Yesterday, while preparing dinner, Earth reached its closest point to the sun for the year. This annual milestone, called perihelion, from the Greek ‘peri’ (close) and ‘helios’ (sun), happens paradoxically every January. Shouldn’t it be warmer if we’re closer to the sun? Earth’s distance from the sun varies over the course of a year because we…
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In this very wide view of the sky that spans from east to west, we see the full moon just coming in the east as Mercury drops into the southwest. Source:   Sterllarium

Please Give A Warm Welcome To Mercury And Jupiter

Merry Christmas, seasons greetings and all good things to you today! I hope you’re spending time with family and friends opening gifts or sharing a great meal. If the sky should clear tonight, you already know about watching for the full moon, but I’ve got some more good news today: after a long hiatus, not one…
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Venus And Jupiter Bring It On / Aurora Forecast Tonight

The waxing gibbous moon dominates the evening sky, but with luck we may see the aurora tonight. On October 22 the Sun cut loose with a CME or coronal mass ejection that’s expected to side-swipe the planet. A minor G1 storm is expected to start this afternoon and continue overnight. Because of the moonlight, the…
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