Leonid 2001 meteorFEA

Did A Meteorite Kill A Bus Driver In India?

Meteorite or …? On Saturday, Feb. 6th, a meteorite reportedly struck a bus driver on the campus of the Bharathidasan Engineering College in southern India. Three students were also injured and several windows were shattered in some kind of explosion. Online videos and stills show a small crater left by the impact. If true, this would be the first…
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Pieces Of Vesta Pelt Eastern Turkey

Call it a surprise visit from Vesta. On September 2, 2015, NASA satellites detected a meteoroid entering the atmosphere with a diameter of approximately 20 inches (50 cm) that broke up at an altitude of about 25 miles (40 km) over several villages in eastern Turkey. After a bright flash and detonations, stones came raining…
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Asteroid collision GriseldisFEA

Asteroid Griseldis Grows A Tail!

Many if not all the meteorites found on Earth came from collisions between asteroids. Asteroids with diameters of around 12 miles (20 km) suffer a strike from another body once every 10 million years on average. If the crackup happens at high speed, the asteroid shatters to pieces with rocks and dust blasted into space to form…
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Seeing Earth’s Origin Through Beer-goggles

Despite all the chatter about how important oxygen is (and it is), every day we breathe in far more nitrogen. Earth’s atmosphere is composed of 78% of the stuff compared to 21% oxygen. We know that the first photosynthesizing bacteria and later, plants, bulked up the air with O2, but where did all that N…
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Norwegian Skydiver Update: It’s A Rock, Not A Meteorite

Video of the rock falling past Anders Helstrup. The rock falls at the 2:51 mark. I never imagined the mystery of the falling meteoroid and Norwegian skydiver would be solved so quickly. But it appears we have an answer. While some may still doubt the conclusion, many will agree it’s the most likely scenario: skydiver…
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