These photos of the Full Strawberry Moon were taken last night over a period of about 5 minutes. If you look carefully, you can see lots of distortions around the the moon's circumference. There's a very noticeable flattering at 11 o'clock in the leftmost frame. Credit: Bob King

How The Air We Breathe Warps And Distorts The Moon

Many of you saw the full moon rise around sunset last night. I watched it from a place called Hawk Ridge where Lake Superior and the distant Wisconsin shoreline make a perfect setting for watching just about anything rise. A few others made the drive to be there and faced east in anticipation. Just after…
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Bright stuff June 14FEA

See 10 Bright Things In The Sky Tonight

When the moon becomes gibbous, that funny-named phase between half and full, the sky gets bright. Many stars disappear in the lunar glare but not all. In a sense, by erasing many of the tiny points of light that dot the heavens, the moon simplifies the sky. I like simple. While you’re out enjoying some of the…
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Jupiter ammonia FEA

Jupiter Can’t Hide Its Smelly Tornadoes

Thanks to the fiery brilliance of Mars, that planet along with nearby Saturn catch the eyes of millions of skywatchers every clear evening. For many of us, Mars is low enough in the sky that we don’t even have to lift our heads to see it. Face south at nightfall and there it is! Not…
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Asteroid 2016 LT1 Flyby Today, Honeysuckle Moon Tonight

Today around 3 p.m. (CDT), an asteroid a little bigger but a lot faster than a Chevy Suburban will make a drive-by of Earth, missing the planet by just 95,000 miles (153,000 km) before speeding off into the cosmic depths. Although that’s less than half the moon’s distance away, the encounter is a safe one. At…
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Mars Moon Saturn Antares May 21_2016_S_FEA

Mars Diamond, What A Sight! / That Giant Sunspot

Last night late, the Full Moon, Mars, Saturn and Antares aligned in a diamond over my front yard. I’ll bet you saw it, too. The figure measured 12° wide and 9° deep and made walking the dog more illuminating than usual. The diamond was a one-night-only affair as the moon is never still. Tonight, you’ll…
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