Mars Moon Saturn Antares May 21_2016_S_FEA

Mars Diamond, What A Sight! / That Giant Sunspot

Last night late, the Full Moon, Mars, Saturn and Antares aligned in a diamond over my front yard. I’ll bet you saw it, too. The figure measured 12° wide and 9° deep and made walking the dog more illuminating than usual. The diamond was a one-night-only affair as the moon is never still. Tonight, you’ll…
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Moon Mars Saturn conj_FEA

See A Moon-Mars-Saturn Get-together

The full moon put in an appearance last night roughly halfway between Jupiter and the duo of Saturn and Mars. Following the moon’s movement through the zodiac is like having your own personal driver. Just hop on. One night, you’ll zip by Jupiter. The next night, you might be dropped off on the doorstep of a bright star cluster.  Monday morning…
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MiniMoon corona

Meet The Full Pink Mini-Moon

Welcome to a special full moon week. Instead of a bigger-than-usual “supermoon”, tomorrow night’s full moon will be tiny. Relatively speaking. We get a “mini-moon” whenever the full moon occurs within a day or two of lunar apogee, the point in the moon’s orbit when it’s farthest from Earth. A supermoon, occurs when the full moon lies…
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Frog spring peeper Zach Welty Wiki

Frogs, Lunar Leaps And Cycles Of Change

I was startled to heard the frogs calling again last night. It’s been so cold the past week many of us who live along Lake Superior have been mentally thrust back into winter. But the chorus of peepers along with a dose of soothing moonlight returned me to April where I belong. Maybe you’re experiencing…
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Aldebaran April 10 scene_FEA

Crescent Moon Hits The Bull’s Eye Sunday

The other day we talked about how to find the planet Mercury at dusk. Tonight, you can use the arc of the thin crescent moon to help point you to the planet, located just 8° or just shy of one fist held at arm’s length to its lower right. By Sunday night (April 10), the moon will have…
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