September 28, 2016 aurora. Credit: Bob King

Mercury Joins Forces With The Aurora

Late last night I could see the start of our three-day affair with the aurora as a glow behind a low bank of clouds. Early this morning, soft flames of the stuff flickered in the belly of the northern sky as dawn swelled in the east. Yesterday’s cheery forecast for G2 geomagnetic storms still holds for both…
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Varied temperature and density layers of air distort the shape of the rising full moon. Credit: Randy Scholten

Heavenly Harvest Moon Rises Tonight

Shine on! Tonight’s the annual Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the first day of fall. And that day is coming soon — watch for the start of the new season on Thursday morning September 22. Like other full moons, this one rises right around the time of sunset in eastern sky directly opposite…
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Moon Sept 10 wide_FEA

Cool Stuff To See On The Moon Tonight With Binoculars

We’ll have an awesome moon standing up in the south at twilight this evening. It’s in waxing gibbous phase between half and full and spending the night in Sagittarius the archer. If you’ve got a few minutes and pair of binoculars, some really nice craters and seas will be in view. Even 7x binoculars will show the larger…
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Asteroids_passing_Earth NASA FEA

Close Encounters Of The 2016 RB1 Kind — Asteroid Dips Into Earth’s Space Tomorrow

A big rock’s going to fly over our heads tomorrow. At around 12:11 p.m. Central Daylight Time (17:11 UT) Sept. 7, asteroid 2016 RB1 will zip just 21,000 miles from the surface of the Earth. The object was only discovered just two days ago (Sept. 5) by the Catalina Sky Survey. Based on its distance and brightness,…
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Annular eclipse May20_2012 Wiki BrockenInagloryFEA

See The Dawn Crescent Before Its African Eclipse

Many of us are focused on next year’s total solar eclipse which will be widely visible across the U.S., but in truth, eclipses happen every year. Some are total, some are partial and some are annular. On Thursday, skywatchers across central Africa and Madagascar will witness the year’s second solar eclipse. The first in March…
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