Phases of the Moon, as seen looking southward from the northern hemisphere. Credit: Wikipedia / Orion8

Crescent Moon Crescendo And Fall Finale

Look to the west-southwest at dusk tonight and you’ll see a thin crescent moon tilted over on its side. Its shape reminds me of Mona Lisa’s sweet and slightly mischievous smile. While it might seem strange to associate such a delicate-appearing object with a crescendo, a gradual increase in loudness in a piece of music,…
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67P Jan18_2015 Damian Peach FEA

Rosetta’s Comet Flies By The Galaxies / Moon Buzzes Jupiter

I miss you guys. I’ve been in a white heat the past couple weeks finishing writing a book about the stars with little time to devote to much else. But this beautiful photo taken by Damian Peach of Rosetta’s Comet deserves to be seen by a wider audience. The photo shows the comet against a fantastic…
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Winter Hexagon and G_FEA

Wolf Moon Trapped By The Winter Hexagon

Moonlight’s flooding the sky these nights. Watch for the waxing gibbous to fatten into a full Wolf Moon by Friday evening. The moon’s great at blocking out starlight. During crescent phase only stars near the moon suffer while the remainder of the sky remains quite dark. The spill become much more noticeable around half phase or first quarter when…
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Moon 1 day crescent Jan 31, 2014 B FEA

See A Delicate, Young Moon Tonight

Watch for a very young crescent at dusk in the southwestern sky this evening. New moon occurred yesterday at 7:31 p.m. CST, making tonight’s moon just 21 hours old as seen from the Central time zone or 20 hours old (Eastern), 22 hours (Mountain) and 23 hours (Pacific). European and African skywatchers, where the moon will be…
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Jupiter moon Dec30thFEA

Aurora Update / Moon Glows Near Jupiter

The auroras we talked about on Monday may still happen, but they’re not exactly on schedule. A moderate G2 storm was expected to get underway today – a day early – beginning late morning or early afternoon, but it’s still pretty quiet out there. Assuming the blast arrives late, that would be a good thing because it would…
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