Credit: Bob King

Moon Vs. Star — Dawn’s Aldebaran Occultation

I almost didn’t get up for the Aldebaran event at dawn today. My excuse? Up past midnight with the aurora! Surely that’s a valid reason to get some shuteye. Anyway, I’m glad I did. We didn’t get an occultation here in Minnesota, but what a sight just the same. Taurus’s brightest star Aldebaran practically touched the…
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Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks / Moon Occults Aldebaran Tomorrow Morning

Something tells me I’ll be losing sleep tonight. Not for worrying but for the pleasure of seeing meteors fly out of Aquarius while the crescent moon makes a close pass of Aldebaran at dawn. Every year in late July the Earth passes through a cloud of comet debris most likely shed by 96P/Machholz. The comet was discovered…
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Imbrium basin impact moon LPI_Leanne_WoolleyDavid_A_Kring_SFEA

Moon’s Black Eye Recalls A Realm Of ‘Lost Giants’

Looking through a telescope, the moon’s countless craters are the first thing that catches the viewer’s attention. Created by meteoric impacts, the bowl-shaped blasts attest to a much earlier and incredibly violent bombardment of the moon’s surface by millions of meteorites and small asteroids. Meanwhile the large, dark “eyes” of the Man in the Moon…
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Thunder At Full Moonrise

The moon’s been waxing for more than a week and will finally round into a Full Thunder Moon on Tuesday the 19th. Given the season there’s a real chance for thunder at moonrise. But for the sake of seeing a beautiful full moon rising I hope the skies remain clear and quiet for you and me both. July’s…
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Ice Goes Into Hiding On Ceres / Dawn, Pluto Probe Update

We know there’s ice inside Ceres, but it may be chillin’ on the surface, too. Scientists with NASA’s Dawn mission have identified permanently shadowed craters on the dwarf planet that have likely been cold enough to trap water ice for a billion years. “The conditions on Ceres are right for accumulating deposits of water ice,” said…
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