Aurora June5_6_2016 A_S_FEA

Lazy Waves Of Aurora Lap Northern Sky Tonight

Just got back from a little auroral adventure. The moderate storm we were expecting last night is happening tonight! Right now. I saw a lot of small plumes bloom and fade over the northern horizon around midnight, but every 15 minutes or so, one of them would slowly unfurl like a fiddlehead fern and reach all…
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Aurora May 6_7_2016 west mini_S_FEA

Spectacular Mother’s Day Aurora!

I was about to go to bed last night (May 7) when I made the fateful decision to crack the door for a last look at the sky. A single arc of aurora lit up the northern sky. Instead of hugging the pillow, I gathered camera and tripod and made a short drive to a…
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Aurora May3_4 2014FEA

Heads-up For Aurora Tonight April 29-30

When it gets dark tonight, keep watch on the northern sky. There’s a chance for a minor G1 auroral storm. You might see anything from a quiet arc to active rayed arcs in the lower half of the northern sky beginning at nightfall and continuing into the early morning hours. Since the aurora is generally…
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Use this map to help you track comet 252P/LINEAR through June. The position is shown for 5 a.m. local Daylight Saving Time with the comet's position marked every 3 days. Stars are labeled with their Greek letters and numbers and plotted to magnitude +7.5. Saturn and Mars' positions are for early April.  All the Greek lettered stars are bright enough to see with the naked eye. Created with Chris Marriott's SkyMap

No Foolin’, We Might Get Aurora Tonight / Comet 252P Still Bright

I’d love to write about a big aurora coming April Fools night just to kid around. Unfortunately, I can’t do that because there really is a chance for northern lights tonight. A recent coronal hole opened up and allowed a stream of particles loose in Earth’s direction that’s expected to impact tonight. Space weather experts…
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The fringe of the auroral oval was pushing over into northern Minnesota around midnight tonight March 6-7. Click for the current oval. Credit: NOAA/NASA

Minor Aurora In Progress Tonight March 6-7

Just returned from a look outside and I see the aurora is active. I’m picking up a bright arc very low down in the northern sky. There was also minor activity earlier. Nothing major on the horizon, but this is the first aurora to show up in some weeks for northern Minnesota. The forecast calls…
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