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10 O’clock Hail Orion! / Aurora Alert Tonight

With Daylight Saving Time swept away by the winds of November, there’s a change in the sky. All the constellations have shifted westward by one hour. Sagittarius, better known as the Teapot, now slips away during the dinner hour.  On the brighter side, Orion the Hunter bedazzles in the east as early as 10 o’clock.…
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See The Starry Stepping Stones Of Spring

They may all officially belong to the winter sky, but Sirius, Orion’s Belt, the Hyades and Pleiades tilt over in the most appealing way every April. With Venus joining the scene, you can star hop from one to the next the way you might use stepping stones to cross a stream. Take a look in the west…
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Mayan forecast

7 Fun Things To Do While Waiting For The World To End

First, brew a cup of tea or coffee, sit back at the computer and spend a few minutes at the 2012hoax.org website for edification and entertainment. The site’s creators have tried to address every cooked-up doomsday scenario out there. Second, why not use the time to finish wrapping those Christmas presents? I usually wait till…
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Venus Now At Its Best Plus How To Find An Ancient Constellation

Venus reaches greatest elongation from the sun today. That means we see it at its maximum distance from the sun in the sky, some 47 degrees. This is equal to nearly five fists held at arm’s length. Anyone who’s gone out at dawn can attest Venus rises well before the sun and blazes like white…
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Follow Orion’s Belt And You Won’t Go Wrong

I don’t get to see many sunrises, but an early morning photo shoot presented a rare opportunity to watch the orange ball rise over the planet’s rim. I like my sunrises in peaceful places generally, but found myself off a freeway exit instead. It was quick and offered an elevated view. Nearly as enjoyable as…
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