ISS feature

Dinner Date With The Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) returned to the evening sky this week, making routine passes right around dinnertime. I saw one by accident two nights ago; the following night it cut directly across Orion’s Belt. It’s always fun to anticipate the arrival of the ISS at dusk, when it’s easy to get outside for a look compared…
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Fall Color 2015 NASA LSuperior_FEA

Fall Color From Outer Space

Fall color came on strong earlier this month, and NASA’s Earth-observing Terra and Aqua satellites captured it from 438 miles (705 km) up. These photos were taken last Sunday and Monday, October 11-12 over the Great Lakes and eastern United States and Canada. I thought the Minnesota region blazed with orange and red until seeing northern Wisconsin and…
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LightSail with Nye_FEATURE

Solar Sail In Flight, See It Tonight

Congratulations to the Planetary Society! The non-profit group dedicated to space exploration and headed up by Bill Nye the “Science Guy” successfully deployed a hi-tech space blanket Sunday afternoon more than 200 miles over Baja California. The 18.4-foot-wide LightSail is still up there, twinkling in the sunlight with an orbit that takes it between 220 miles and 430 miles above Earth’s…
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Google Maps view of homes along 21st Avenue East in Duluth. Copyright: Google Maps

Want To See Your House From Outer Space? Here’s How

10 years back a guy came to my door to sell me an aerial photo of my home taken from a small plane. It was a great picture, and I was tempted, but the price was a bit steep. Now I can just go online and thanks to satellite imagery, locate my home and print a…
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Farewell Orion / See A Dragon / Aurora Update

Last night while watching the northern lights, we saw the Great Hunter head for the hills. Orion has been the center of attention since December, as recognizable in the southern sky as the Big Dipper is in the north. Now he’s trotting off toward the western horizon, replaced by Jupiter, Leo and the constellations of…
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