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Contemplating Titan’s Smelly Belly Button

I can’t help it. Titan’s monster cloud looks like a belly button, an outie to be exact. What perfect streamlined form. This wonderful feature, detected by scientists using photos from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft during its periodic close flybys of the Saturnian moon, resides in Titan’s low- to mid-stratosphere in a stable region above the troposphere, the moon’s active…
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Saturn enceladus plume dark FEATURE

Crescent Moon Clips Saturn Tonight / Enceladus Ocean ‘Goes Global’

If you’re looking for something fun to see in tonight’s sky, turn your gaze to the southwest during late evening twilight. Right next to the crescent moon, you’ll spot a bright “star”, the planet Saturn. The two will be in conjunction for skywatchers across the U.S. and separated by just 2.5° or about the length of the “Little…
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Tethys red arcs_CROP

Weird Red Arcs Discovered On Saturn’s Moon Tethys

The color is striking. Almost as if someone took a big, red crayon and ran across the cratered landscape. In new photos returned by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, unexplained arc-shaped, reddish streaks are visible on the surface of Saturn’s icy moon Tethys. Granted, the color is enhanced to better see the subtle differences in tones across the 250-mile-wide (400…
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Saturn tonight around 10 p.m. CDT. Titan, the brightest moon, is easy to see in any telescope. The others shown here are fainter - around magnitude +10-10.7. If air turbulence is low, see if you can see the division in Saturn's rings called Cassini's Division. It divides the outer A-ring from the wider, brighter B-ring. North is up, east to the left. Source: Stellarium

An Invitation To Observe Saturn Tonight

The waxing moon coasts to Saturn’s side tonight. With Jupiter and Venus now so low in the west after sunset, Saturn is quickly becoming our only evening planet. While more planets means more fun, I don’t feel deprived. We’ve had a great year so far with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter putting in bright and lasting appearances. No planet truly…
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Saturn feature

Egg Moon Close To Saturn Tonight, Occults Theta Librae

The lunar phase between half and full is called gibbous (from the Latin gibba or “hump”), but it’s just as easy to picture it as an egg. Tonight that egg will roll by the planet Saturn in the constellation Libra the Scales. Not only will the moon’s presence make the ringed planet incredibly easy to spot, but eastern North America…
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