With this pane of 16 Forever stamps, the Postal Service showcases some of the more visually compelling historic, full-disk images of the planets obtained during the last half-century of space exploration. Eight new colorful Forever stamps, each shown twice, feature Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Some show the planets’ “true color” — what one might see if traveling through space. Others use colors to represent and visualize certain features of a planet based in imaging data. Still others use the near-infrared spectrum to show things that cannot be seen by the human eye.
Credits: USPS/Antonio Alcalá © 2016 USPS

Your Favorite Planet May Soon Turn Up In The Mail

The U.S. Postal Service recently sneak-previewed a new series of stamps this year highlighting NASA’s Planetary Science program, including a do-over of a famous Pluto stamp commemorating the New Horizons’ historic 2015 flyby and more. Watch for eight new colorful Forever stamps of NASA images of solar system planets, a Global Forever stamp dedicated to Earth’s…
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Captain Kirk Can’t Handle The Twerk

Going where neither man nor woman has gone before … Credit: AriesHeadFilms  Twerking in outer space? Is it even possible? You bet it is! Watch what happens when Captain Kirk and crew of the Starship Enterprise make first contact with a twerking species in a remote spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy. In case…
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Wolf 359 sun comparisonSFEA

Dwarf Star Wolf 359 Endures After Fictional Borg Battle

The Borg were probably the most frightening and evil of all the alien races in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Outside of their collective group, nothing mattered. It was just kill, kill, kill and assimilate. If you were captured, the Borg hooked you into the network, sucked every thought from your brain and used the…
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