Mars Moon Saturn Antares May 21_2016_S_FEA

Mars Diamond, What A Sight! / That Giant Sunspot

Last night late, the Full Moon, Mars, Saturn and Antares aligned in a diamond over my front yard. I’ll bet you saw it, too. The figure measured 12° wide and 9° deep and made walking the dog more illuminating than usual. The diamond was a one-night-only affair as the moon is never still. Tonight, you’ll…
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Sunspot #2546 rounds the sun's eastern limb bigger than Earth in this photo taken earlier today by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Credit: NASA

Cyclopean Sunspot Rolls Into View

In ancient Greek mythology, a Cyclops was a member of an ancient race of giants, each with only a single in the middle of his forehead. A new large sunspot feels like the return of this ancient strain as it rounds the limb and comes into clear view this week. I spotted it – excuse the pun – today…
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Twilight evening darker version crepuscular rays Sept2_2015S

Let The Moon Begin Your Twilight Journey

There’s been a lot of excitement in the sky this past week with multiple appearances of the northern lights and Mercury’s transit of the sun. Now’s a great time to catch your breath by stepping outside to enjoy the slow pace of twilight. Dusk grows longer as we move from spring to summer. If you want…
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Mercury transit May 9_2016 8_50am_FEA

Let The Transit Begin!

“So you took the day off work to watch a little black dot cross the sun?” my wife asked drily. Well yes. Yes I did. OK, so I’m a little nuts. I admit it. Just came back in after getting my first look at Mercury through a 3-inch refractor, and it was much more obvious even…
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Transit Mercury TRACE 2003 (1)

Psyched For Tomorrow’s Mercury Transit? Me Too — Come Join Us

On Monday May 9, the planet Mercury will be out in front of the sun nearly all day. Instead of hiding in its glare, the innermost planet will pass directly across the sun’s face in an event called a transit. Our sun is big and Mercury is both small and far away (52 million miles / 83.6 million…
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