Orion Belt tracked treeFEA

10 O’clock Hail Orion! / Aurora Alert Tonight

With Daylight Saving Time swept away by the winds of November, there’s a change in the sky. All the constellations have shifted westward by one hour. Sagittarius, better known as the Teapot, now slips away during the dinner hour.  On the brighter side, Orion the Hunter bedazzles in the east as early as 10 o’clock.…
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Aurora May3_4 2014FEA

Stormy Auroras May Open November

Welcome to the “dark month”. Severed from Daylight Saving Time, the sun sets for many of us before 5 o’clock today. Back to driving home from work in a tunnel of night. On the up side, night begins so early, it’s easy for anyone to step out and enjoy the stars without having to stay up…
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A proton aurora reaches up from the western horizon last night around midnight and crosses the southern sky. As their name implies, proton auroras are created by bombarding protons from the sun. Credit: Bob King

Forecast Looks Great For Aurora Tonight – Watch For The Rare Proton Arc

I’m excited about the aurora tonight. Not that we’ll get to see it here — clouds are expected — but for everyone else who will get the chance. The forecast sounds excellent: Space weather for the next 24 hours is predicted to be strong. Geomagnetic storms reaching the G3 level are expected. At the moment, the…
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Sun CME Sept30_2015FEA

Solar Eruption May Ignite Auroras Tonight Oct. 3-4

A burst from the sun called a coronal mass ejection on Wednesday morning will arrive at Earth tonight and possibly spark a nice auroral display for skywatchers across the northern U.S., Canada and northern Europe. Spaceweather forecasters predict a G1 or minor geomagnetic storm to begin late this afternoon around 4 pm. (9 p.m. UT) and continue through most of…
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Fall color Sept30_2012_Sawmill Dome_FEA

Falling For Fall And Other Seasonal Deceits

The first trees are fired up in reds and oranges, and the tomato vines have withered to brown. I like that the sun sets so much earlier and rises fashionably late. Darkness has nibbled more than 4 hours from the day since the first day of summer, and it won’t stop noshing till the winter…
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