Aurora May3_4 2014FEA

Heads-up For Aurora Tonight April 29-30

When it gets dark tonight, keep watch on the northern sky. There’s a chance for a minor G1 auroral storm. You might see anything from a quiet arc to active rayed arcs in the lower half of the northern sky beginning at nightfall and continuing into the early morning hours. Since the aurora is generally…
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Transit Mercury TRACE 2003 (1)

Watch Mercury Skip Across The Sun On May 9

On Monday May 9th, we have a rare opportunity to see the solar system’s innermost planet pass directly in front of the sun. Maybe you saw one or both Venus┬átransits back in 2004 and 2012. All you needed then was a handheld solar filter to that planet’s perfectly black, perfectly circular self silhouetted against the…
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Sun SDO April 18

Big Sunspot Bows Out With A Bang

Giant sunspot 2529 has provided a lot of entertainment this past week for solar observers. Several times the diameter of the Earth, the sunspot was easily visible through a #14 welder’s glass and a stunning sight through even the smallest telescopes. Most beginners think of telescopes as night sky instruments only, but they’re just as…
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Frog spring peeper Zach Welty Wiki

Frogs, Lunar Leaps And Cycles Of Change

I was startled to heard the frogs calling again last night. It’s been so cold the past week many of us who live along Lake Superior have been mentally thrust back into winter. But the chorus of peepers along with a dose of soothing moonlight returned me to April where I belong. Maybe you’re experiencing…
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Sun SDO closeup

Sun Sports A Big Black Spot, Leaky Hole

A very distinguished sunspot blackens the sun today. It’s more than twice the size of Earth and plainly visible to the naked eye as a small, dark dot through a safe solar filter such as a #14 welder’s glass. The spot is the “leader” in a small group of sunspots called Region 2529. Sunspots are…
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