Credit: Bob King

Aurora Surprise Tonight / Venus-Moon A Sweet Sight

A low arc glowed along the northern horizon earlier tonight, hinting at a possible auroral display. After nodding off (yes, I do get a little sleep now and then), I stepped outside at 11:15 to discover dancing rays and pulsing “flames” above the treetops. It’s still happening now, so open the door, allow your eyes five…
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Exquisite Venus-Jupiter Conjunction This Weekend

I wrote about this in an earlier blog, but I just wanted to give you a reminder about Saturday’s very close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter low in the western sky shortly after sundown. Tonight, the duo will be about 1° apart, on Saturday just 0.1° (⅕ of the moon’s diameter) and on Sunday they’ll…
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Venus Jupiter Aug27 FEA_v2

A Week Of Exceptional Planetary Conjunctions

After a quiet weekend sky-wise, we’ve got a busy week ahead. On Tuesday night, Mars and Saturn will line up with Antares in Scorpius followed on Saturday by the closest conjunction of two naked-eye planets for the year. On Saturday evening, August 27, Venus and Jupiter will approach within a hair’s breadth of each other as viewed…
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Credit: NASA

Venus Is A Backwards Planet

It’s fun to have Venus on the scene again. You can spot it at dusk very low in the northwestern sky starting about 20 minutes after sundown. Look for a solitary yellowish point of light struggling against the fading light of day. One fist to its upper left, you might see glimmering Mercury (it’s only magnitude +1) and…
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Mercury moon venus jupiter Aug 4_FEA

Observing Challenge — See A Slim Crescent, Venus, Mercury And Jupiter At Dusk

Every so often in this blog we feature an observing challenge. Since the summer weather’s so nice and you have a little free time after dinner, why not grab your binoculars and head out to the nearest western horizon shortly after sunset. If the air is transparent with no haze or clouds obstructing the view, tomorrow…
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